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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Squeaky Clean Movie

On Saturday afternoon we took Eli and Brynne to see The Chipmunks Movie: The Squeakquel. What a great movie! We really, really enjoyed it! It was sweet, a cute story line, very clean (other than the usual tooting scene, which was very funny!) and was one I would highly recommend for kids and adults alike. The music was really fun and we were singing it well into the evening. We might even have to pick up the soundtrack!

After we left, we went to Walmart to get groceries. Rick was going to get McDonald's for the kids while I shopped, because we hadn't eaten lunch. When we walked in and Eli and Brynne saw that The Chipmunks and Chipettes were the toys in the Happy Meals, they practically started hyperventilating! They were so excited! (Rick said it's kind of like when we saw The Alamo Imax movie in San Antonio and then walked out to see the real Alamo. Kind of the same. Although I would like to think we would all get more excited about The Alamo than Alvin Seville.) I think we'll be making at least two more trips to McDonald's in the next week or so to collect all six toys. Eli plays with the boys and Brynne plays with the girls.


  1. I hear ya we've already eaten there friday, saturday and today. I'm getting sick of their salads :) they really need a veggie burger like BK!

    It was a super cute movie! we loved it and laughed lots! going to take Gidget to see the Princess and the Frog next!

    we have tons of Brittany's. plus Alvin and Theodore.

  2. We took the kids to see this Tues afternoon after my oldest son's BMX race. He was so upset becuz he just lost the main by wrecking that he didn't even want to go pick up his trophy.
    I sugguested the movie to cheer him up and becuz two of the other kids had b-days (one on mon & the other on wed.) so, that is what we did. It admazed me how fast he forgot about his race & started smiling.
    I too loved the movie. I thought the first one was better but, we will buy this one too. I have already been told that one of the kids are buying the soundtrack with their gift cards. :)
    Have a good day.

    PS. Thanks for the comment on my pic. I do not like the pic of me though. Yuck. When I post again this week, I am going to put this one of my hubby & I on there, that I love so much. Nicer pic. LOL


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