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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a Kid! Wednesday ~ Eli

I have to come back to Eli this week.

Last night when Rick and I were turning in for the night, we went to check on the kids like we always do. Eli was covered and surrounded by toys. I should have taken a picture. Because, I mean, he was covered and surrounded with toys. Half of his car bucket was in his bed, along with Star Wars toys and other various things. He was hugging his new purple light saber.

And when I went to wake him up this morning he was sleeping in a ball sideways across the length of his pillow at the top of his bed, with one sock kicked off.

Have you ever wondered what your little kids dream about? What does a 5 year old really dream about?

This morning when I woke Eli up, he rolled over with a smile on his face and said, "I dreaming about the zoo and it was fun!"

I said, "You were dreaming about the zoo and it was fun? What were you doing?"

He said, "Seeing. I was seeing the animals ... Lauren was over there." (My friend Steph's daughter.)

And he was so smiley!

So, little kids dream about things that little kids like ... such as zoos and animals and friends. And they prefer to do it in a bed full of toys.

What a Kid!!

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  1. I love that! It made me smile sooo big!! I will tell Lauren that Eli dreamed about her..she will love that! So sweet!! Tell him Ms. Stephanie loves him!


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