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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ October 27, 2009

Outside my window... it is chilly and raining! Yucky morning to go work out, I can tell ya!

I am thinking... about how I can be so down in the dumps all weekend, and then have such a positive and uplifting day yesterday. And I have no particular reason for either.

I am thankful ... that God has blessed Rick with a good job and good income and good work ethic so that I do not have to work and drop my children off at a daycare center at 6:30 in the morning every day (which I saw many people doing this morning on the way home from working out), and so that I can go to field trips and volunteer at the school and donate items needed for my kids' classes, and such.

I am wearing... grey yoga pants, a white tank top, Reeboks and a gray zip up hoodie.

I am remembering... my own words to someone else, and how much easier and more confident I am when I say it to her but how I have a harder time believing it for myself.

I am creating... my new Simple Living Visual Journal. I teased about it yesterday. You can go here to see where I got my inspiration.

I am going... to get my nails done today (I'm overdue) and maybe take a little nap in the rain later!

I am reading... the book Kyndal bought me for my birthday, but I can't remember the title. It's by Debbie Macomber. Since it will likely take me a couple of months to finish it, I'll get you the title next week.

I am hoping... for a quick sale of our house so that our plans can get into high gear!

On my mind... is changing our lifestyle .. so exciting!

From the learning rooms... report cards come out for Eli and Brynne on Friday. Kyndal and Dawson have started the second quarter of their first semester.

Pondering these words... "The important thing is to listen to your life and hear the ways in which your moments desire to naturally discover themselves with a pen." ~ Ann Voscamp

From the kitchen... I stored 3, 16 ounce baggies of fresh pumpkin and then roasted pumpkin seeds with Alicia's recipe that you can find here. Thanks, friend ... Yum!

Around the house... it is soggy!

One of my favorite things... is feeling good all over ~ mind, body and soul!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today I'm going to take a little afternoon time for myself. On Thursday I am going with Eli's class to the pumpkin patch and then going to the school to make copies for his teacher. On Friday Kyndal and I are going to see "So You Think You Can Dance" live! I can't wait!! Brynne has a soccer game on Saturday, and then I'm taking Dawson and his friends for pizza and to the skateboard park for his belated birthday party. Then it's Halloween and time for trick or treating! On Sunday I'll be taking all of the good candy (mostly chocolate) out of all of the kids' candy bags.

From my picture journal.

The view yesterday from my back porch swing.

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  1. wow you have a giant yard!

    love the journal I'm making journal too I'll give you the links if your interested in seeing it!

    Have a great time at the pumpkin patch, show and skateboard park!

    Thanks for the links to the pumpkin recipe and journal! Can't wait to see your Journal!

    Keep me posted on your moving plans!!! :)


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