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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of No Pumpkins

Last year when Eli was in Pre-K, it was raining and cold on the day his class went on the field trip to the pumpkin patch. Since he had just gone with Brynne's preschool class a couple of days before, we opted not to go again on the cold, yucky day (well, I opted for us not to go!)

In a previous post I told you about Brynne's trip to the patch this year. Today is Eli's trip. And, guess what, it's raining and cold! The teachers actually cancelled the trip, so I didn't have to be the bad guy. Instead they are going to wear their new kindergarten t-shirts, watch a movie and have snacks. And, the lady from the pumpkin patch is going to bring them their craft to do in class. Isn't that nice?

Eli was really looking forward to it this year. First of all, he really wanted to ride the school bus! And, he loves Charlie Brown movies. He's been watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown all week. He has been extremely annoyed and frustrated that Brynne has had a small, real pumpkin to play with while they watch the movie (she got it at the pumpkin patch, and he was supposed to get his today).

Knowing that the weather looked questionable for today, I decided to take Eli and Brynne to the pumpkin patch last night so he could get his pumpkin. He also wanted to "cut one by myself." So, we picked out a small one (to play with) and a little bit bigger one (to butcher, with a tad bit of help from mom). And, he was happy. And I diverted a meltdown for this morning when I told him that his trip to the pumpkin patch had been cancelled (although he'd been forewarned).

Here are some pictures from our quick trip there last night.

Today's dress up day for Red Ribbon week is camouflage ~ "Join the fight against drugs!"

Here are my little warriors.

Tough, aren't they?

1 comment:

  1. AWwww I love that pic of the two of them in the pumpkin! That is adorable and how sweet of her to bring them a craft!!! LOve that!

    At least he got his pumpking AND he gets a treat today!

    they are adorable!


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