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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Six Decades

Yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday. My mom had a party for him, inviting all of their friends. I was originally not going to be able to go because of my JBF commitment. But, once I ended that, it freed up my time. Kyndal, Dawson (and Kyndal's friend Caitlyn) and I left at 2:30 on Friday and made the 4 hour trip to my parents'.

My dad knew we were coming, because I ruined the surprise in my own blog post. Who knew that my dad read my blog???

He knew we were coming. But he had no idea my brother was coming from Portland, Oregon. I hear there were tears.

My sister ordered my dad a Nascar Jimmie Johnson cake from Cakes by Cheri and Mike, the winner of the pirate challenge on TLC's "The Ultimate Cake Off". They have a bakery in Clinton, Missouri, which is near my parents' home. It was really cool! It took some guests quite some time before they realized it was a cake.

I think my dad had good time. It was a late night, but a nice celebration!

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful for you all to be together even though he knew I am sure it was a very special day!

    Happy Birthday


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