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Friday, October 30, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's My Biggest Fan!

Rick reads my blog every day. Many days he even reads it during his 9:00 meeting. And it makes me smile to know that he is interested in the things I have to say from my heart. (Because, all of my posts are directly from my heart.) In fact, sometimes in the busyness of life, that might be the only way he does get to hear what I really have to say.

Some of my blog posts offend people, and because of that I get negative responses. And sometimes "Followers" even cease to follow my blog anymore because of those posts.

But, it always seems that on days when that has happened, I get a specific phone call from Rick or a specific face-to-face comment about how much he enjoyed my post that day and agreed whole-heartedly with what I said. He encourages me to continue to be open and transparent. I know there are those who appreciate my honesty. What I appreciate is that my husband does more than anybody.

My followers will come and go. But, Rick is my biggest fan and he'll stick around forever .. no matter what I say.

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's My Biggest Fan! (and I'm his!)

**I haven't given credit back to Katy Lyn in a while. This "My Husband Rocks" concept was her idea and the graphic above is actually hers. I love doing this post every week and I hope that others get back into doing it regularly. Our husbands are blessed by it!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I found your blog through Lysa T's. I wanted to offer you encouragement that when you seek the Lord with your whole heart, you will find Him! There is no "formula" for being a good Christian woman, it is just as simple as emptying ourselves of "us" and refilling it with HIM. Somedays on this journey you will be so filled with Him that all you can do is weep and sit at His feet. If the Lord is calling you to a deeper walk with Him I pray that you answer that call and go boldly forward into that walk. You will NEVER regret it and in the end you will not be empty, because the God shaped hole in your heart will be filled with the ONLY thing that will fill it, God Himself!
    I will be praying for you today!

  2. To have that one loyal person that is always there at the end of the day to rejoice with you for the good times and to comfort you during the bad is priceless.

    I mourn for those who never find it and many don't. I'm SO happy that my sweet girl in the red coat with the bright blue eyes has.

    Reading that you have is a blessing to me!

    Love You!!!!
    Your Ozarks Bud

  3. your biggest fan and your best friend! He is a great guy and the Lord made him just for you! :)

    love this post!

  4. Yeay! Go Rick!

    Nicole, just keep posting honest blog posts. The support of a good husband is all that matters, huh:-)

  5. My husband reads my blog from time to time. He even tells people about it.
    It's great to have supportive husbands.

  6. Yea! Another husband that rocks! Nothing better, huh?

    Stopping by from SITS:)

    Happy Halloween!


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