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Thursday, October 8, 2009

... at least it's Fall

It's such a gloomy day. And the circumstances of my life match the weather. But at least it's not 100 degrees in the middle of summer ...

... at least it's Fall.


  1. I love your decorations. Praying that the gloominess soon passes, in the weather and in your life. God bless.

  2. Super cute! I love your decorations.

  3. It's gloomy here too!

    Very cute fall decor!

  4. It's gloomy here too. Fall is my favorite time of year.......when it's nice out. Not dreary and raining!

    Love your decorations!

  5. I tried to leave a message this morning but it wouldn't let me!

    Hey you ~ I am praying for the gloomy-ness to GO and for the JOY of the LORD to be your strength

    You did soooo good at your decorations!

    We need to go have lunch for my bday okiedokie :) go have some F-U-N, K!!



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