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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Cards on a Budget

Things are going to be a little tight around here for Christmas this year. We are paring down our gift giving, not buying any new Christmas decorations, etc.

If you're like me, I like to send and receive Christmas cards! But they can be so expensive, if you want them personalized. Personalized photo cards can cost between 33 cents (from sites like and the upwards of $1.25 if you order them from custom sites.

The past couple of years I have ordered our Christmas cards from Vistaprint. By watching specials I have been able to get 100 quality personalized cards with envelopes for about $35.00. (100? Yes, I told you I like to send Christmas cards. I don't actually mail that many though. Of course I mail out-of-town cards. But, I also utilize church "mailbox" options and donate money to missions instead.)

This year, though, I have been playing with I have figured out how to make birthday party invitations and other cards with it. And then it occurred to me ... I can make our own personalized Christmas cards on that site and have them printed for about 10 cents each!

How do I accomplish that? By designing my own page, save it on my computer as a .jpeg, download it for printing at when they are having a 10 cent special for 4x6 prints, and mail!

So, that's what I did this year. I just picked them up and they look great! Of course I can't show you the final product just yet. But, here are a couple of other things I have done recently:

I am currently designing birthday party invitations for Kyndal's "Friday the 13th" birthday party and Eli's "Mario Brothers" birthday party. I'll post those when they are done.

So, give it a try this year and save yourself some extra bucks.


  1. You are sooo talented!! creative!! thrifty!!!
    Dang girl!! Your hubby should be soo proud but I know he is!

  2. Thanks so much for this tip. I have been debating what to do about Christmas cards for about a month because I just don't have the cash to do photo cards from some of those places. I think I will try this out and see how it works. Thanks!


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