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Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's Aldi-only menu was pretty darned good! The only thumbs down I got was to the Doritos casserole. Seriously, how can you go wrong with a casserole centered around Doritos and cheese? The kids just didn't like it. Otherwise, though, it was a successful week.

Here's this week's Aldi-only menu:

Monday ~ Homemade mac and cheese and Homemade applesauce (save the peels for apple muffins for a snack later in the week!)

Tuesday ~ Creamy chicken burritos (using left-over chicken from Sunday's Roasted chicken)

Wednesday ~ FFY

Thursday ~ Homemade cheese pizza and Homemade mushroom and onion pizza

Friday ~ Sandwiches and chips

Saturday ~ Chicken and noodles (using the rest of the left-over chicken from Sunday's Roasted chicken)

Sunday ~ Pancakes and turkey bacon

Have a yummy week and head over to The OrgJunkie for more menu ideas!


  1. looks like a great menu! Mushroom Onion Pizza sounds good!

  2. Your aldi's only menu sounds so good. Did the kids just not like the dorito casserole? What did you think?

    I was really looking forward to that one :(


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