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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Desperate Times/Desperate Measures

I'm going to be (almost) completely transparent here in this post.

Because of a financial situation that is completely out of Rick and my control, we are being forced to make some changes in how we do things. This comes at a really bad time, with three of our four kids having birthdays through the end of the year, and with Christmas coming up. Every hacked off part of my soul wants to tell you specifically in this post why things are tight. But, I'm not going to. Just suffice it to say that money I count on every month to help take care of my family cannot be counted on right now. It is money I will eventually get, in full. But, I can't count on it to be paid when it's been paid in the past. So, I've been called to take drastic measures.

I do things the Dave Ramsey way. Rick takes care of paying our living expenses. I take care of the more "fluid" things. I have a coupon organizer that has categories: groceries, household, school lunches, activities, clothing, allowances, hobbies (this one is tiny). I have a certain amount of cash that goes in those slots twice a month. Part of it is funded by money Rick gives me. Part of it is funded by the other source. With the other source being what it is, I now have about 1/3 of the cash to put in these envelopes. So, what are absolute needs? Groceries and school lunches. For now, there cannot be any money to go into activities, clothing, allowances or hobbies. Even at that, there's not enough to fully fill the groceries slot once school lunches are paid.

Rick told me that this is not ultimately my problem and that he doesn't want me to change my budget at all. He said to use the cash I do have, then put the rest on a card that he will pay off every month. But, he'll be paying that off with money he has planned for other things. You see, all of our income goes somewhere purposefully! And like I said, with birthdays and Christmas some of that money is supposed to go towards that. But, I don't want to mess with the system Rick has set up. He has purpose set out with that money and it's not fair for him to have to change it.

So, I'm determined to make this work the best I can. I won't be successful all the time. It's out of my control. But I can try.

So this month, to keep from tapping in elsewhere, I have $45 to spend on groceries until the end of the month. I don't know if that is achievable, but I'm going to try my hardest. We are not going to starve or do without. But, we are going to be more mindful of needs vs. wants and of not being wasteful of what we do have. And we will not complain!

I love Aldi! It has great products and great prices! I have planned our meals for the next two weeks solely from what I can purchase at Aldi. I don't know if it will be possible to keep my list under $45. But, I am hopeful.

In order to be accountable to someone, I will be posting my results. Be in prayer for me as I tackle this difficult task.


  1. Nicole, I am with you on the tight budget! You can do it!

    An affordable and filling meal we like is Nacho's. We all enjoy making them our own way. Chips, can of refried beans, black beans, cheese, and a little ground beef (for the boys). You can do this for $5.

    I look forward to seeing how you stretch it, I know you can do it!!

  2. joining with you in prayer ~ if anyone can do this! it is you w/GOD strengthening and showing you the way!!!
    obedience is better than sacrifice!!

  3. I know how you are feeling right now. Same thing happened to me. At least you know you will get it at a later time. I'm not that lucky!

    I know you can do this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Girl, I have you and your family in my prayers. I am pretty sure I know what you are referring too about the source of income that is not coming in. I too had to go through the same thing about 5 yrs ago. Keep you chin up & it will all work out for you guys.

  5. I know how you feel. But hopefully things will smooth out for all of us soon!

    I like to make enchiladas. They are so very easy, they make a lot, and they are really good reheated.

  6. I so understand how you feel and understand what you're going through.
    I greatly appreciate your comments at my blog. It really does help to read all the feedback, suggestions and tips.
    I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    You have a great husband there.


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