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Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh Brother!

I have lots of things to post about from this weekend because it was a busy one!

Something happened that will likely not happen ever again ... I spent Friday evening with my brother and sister. And Rick spent Sunday evening with his.

You might be thinking ... so what!

In my family, my sister and I live about 4 hours apart but see each other every couple of months or so. But, my brother lives in Portland, Oregon, so we are lucky if we get to see him twice a year. We all gathered for my dad's 60th birthday on Friday night and my brother flew in from Portland.

Me, Tim, Kristen ... I'm the oldest

In Rick's family, his sister lives about 30 minutes away. Even with the close distance we really only see her and her family about 3 or 4 times a year. She's in pharmacy school and they have two adult kids so their schedules often conflict with ours. Rick's brother lives in Reno, Nevada and up until Friday we hadn't seen him in 7 years! Rob was in Tulsa doing some training for his job so we had dinner together last night.

Rob, Julie, Rick .. Rick's the youngest

It was really great to catch up with everybody!

Then on a completely unrelated note (but still falling under the "oh brother" topic) ... on Saturday before we left Missouri to come home, Kyndal's boyfriend Kevin drove to my parents' (he lives about 45 minutes away from them) to spend some time with Kyndal. He's a junior in high school, so I have been a little unsure about him. I was meeting him for the first time. But, he really seems to be a nice kid (not nearly as mature and scary as I thought he would be). They got to hang out for about 3 hours and I know it meant a lot to her that he drove down to see her. She was sad for a day or so after we got home because she misses him. I guess this one is for real.

Kevin and Kyndal


  1. looks like everyone reconnected....
    man Rick and his brother look JUST ALIKE!!!
    awww Kyndal, tooo cute ~ watchout Nicole!! keep your eyes on him AT ALL TIMES >>>LOL


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