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Friday, October 2, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's a Hottie!

You know it's true .. ultimately you picked your husband because you were attracted to him physically. I guess there is the occasional hookup that's all about personality or something else. But, in more cases than not I would guess that you initially were attracted to your husband.

Years go by and people change in many ways. Going through physical changes is inevitable!

When I met Rick, I was attracted to him physically. He had so many other qualities that made me even more attracted to him. But, in my vanity, I wouldn't have given him a chance if he hadn't been good looking.

Nine years has gone by since we first met. And, he's changed and so have I! I happen to think most men get better looking with age! And, Rick is no exception! Sure, he's a "few" pounds heavier and a little balder, but I think he's hotter today than he was when we first met! (And, lucky for him I have an extreme attraction to balding men! This is why my favorite famous men are Vin Diesel, Chris Daughtry and The Mummy!)

Especially in the past few years, I have been very aware of my physical appearance. I always have been really. But, let's face it .. women typically don't age well without paying some attention! I watch what I eat, work out, get my hair and nails done, try to dress hip (but not too hip as to embarrass my teenagers) and I even had some enhancement surgery this summer. I do all of that so I feel confident. Yeah, yeah I should be happy with the body God gave me, true beauty is from within, and so on. But, I feel more confident when I have taken care of myself! And I also do these things so my husband thinks I am physically attractive! I want him to be attracted to me! I want him to walk around with his head held high when we are in a group of people so as to say, "Yep, she's mine!" (I don't think there's anything wrong with that.) And girls .. if he ain't attracted to you, then he's attracted to someone else. Men are men.

But, a few months ago he asked me if there was anything HE could do FOR ME to make HIM more attractive TO ME? How many of your husbands have asked you that? I told him, honestly, that I would like to see him eat better (so he'll be around for a long time) and work out some (so he'll be around for a long time and look good doing it!). He took me up on it. I've helped him with his diet, he's cut out most of his soda intake and has been working out at the Y for the past couple of months. And he does look great!!

Of course, that mischievous grin also gets me!

So, this week, for no other reason ...

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's a Hottie!!


  1. I have to say your right girl! But I have to be completely honest here...I wasn't attracted to Tab when we first met. After the second time we met though...LOL! Now I look at him and think "how could I have missed him the 1st time I saw him?"

    And as far as they women feel...your right there on all accounts!

  2. That's right....Rick is H. O. T.!! Sizzle!!! Fun to be married to a Hottie...I think my man is darn HOT!!

  3. i have to agree with you - this is one of my favorite reasons (and one of the most fun :) )

  4. I wasn't attracted to my husband when I met him either. He was a customer, at the restaurant that I worked at.
    I went out with him because he seemed like a nice guy.
    He has since lost 50+ pounds and with the addition of grey hairs I think he's very attractive.
    Love my Dogboy!


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