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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Sleepover, A Smile and A Supposition

** By the way "supposition" means "belief". And, yes, I really did look up the word "belief" in a thesaurus to find an "s" word that meant the same thing because I wanted a good title.

A Sleepover

Rick has been on a business trip this week. This is what happens to my bedroom when that happens. Kyndal has always taken advantage of his time away and slept with me. But this trip Dawson joined us by making a bed on the floor. We slept this way all week. It's actually nice because then I can still go work out in the early a.m. and the older kids are there for Eli and Brynne should they wake up.

A Smile

Eli and Brynne had school pictures yesterday. For some reason I didn't get any pictures of Eli before he left. I always take pictures of them (since I'm too cheap to pay $40 per kid for a couple of 3x5's and a handful of wallets)! Anyway, I did think to take pics of Brynne because, well, she just looked so cute!

Notice the nice raspberry on her nose? I'm just grateful it wasn't a swelled nose with a black eye! On Tuesday evening one of our neighbor boys threw a large stick and it hit her square in the nose. And blood shot out everywhere! Naturally it was the day before pictures. Rick and I decided that it probably wouldn't be the last school picture of hers with a facial laceration of some sort. (Yes, I did spit wipe the food off her face before she got out of the car at school.)

I am hoping this isn't how her school picture turns out. Though it's a likely possibility.

A Supposition

Everybody has different belief systems when it comes to raising our children spiritually. That's why loving God is so awesome! Eli has a saying on his wall (he has a transportation room) that says, "It's not how you get there that matters, but Who you take along for the ride." I'm talking about Jesus. As long as you are loving Jesus, proclaiming it and living it, it doesn't matter the route you take in life. Well, you know what I mean. That's my opinion (supposition).

I also have a strong belief (supposition) about what is important to me in the spiritual upbringing of my particular children. And, this seems to be a hot topic these days as, not coincidentally, I have been approached about this very topic by three separate people in the past 3 days.

We are at an in-between place right now in our church attendance. I mentioned in an earlier couple of posts that we feel like God is telling us right now to stay home and minister to our children. Honestly, that's easy with a 5 and 4 year old. We can read Bible stories, talk about Jesus, listen to worship music, pray, play games, color pictures, etc. But, teenagers are a little more difficult.

We can still do, and should still do, all of these things with our teenagers. But, with them it goes deeper than that.

It is so so so important to me that my children forge their own paths in their walk with God. Kyndal and Dawson have been raised to love the Lord. But, if they only go to church and only go to small groups and only serve because they are being made to by me, then there is almost a guarantee that when they hit that time in their lives when they are in control of themselves that they will check out. And then it probably won't be until they have gone through a really tough time that they will turn back to God. I know that's not an absolute, but I've seen it happen so many times.

I have prayed so hard, especially now that we are not regularly attending a church, that Kyndal and Dawson would involve themselves in a Christian group of kids and mentors. Last year Kyndal did that. And that was while we were still attending our most recent church. We had attended the same place for 5 years. She was very involved in her Family Group and activities at that church. But she wanted to attend another church with a friend on Wednesday nights. At first I thought, "No, we go here. We all need to go here." But, you know what? She's been attending there every Wednesday night since then without reminding or prompting of me and has missed very few Wednesday night services. She also went to church camp with that group this past summer. She's forging her own path.

Then there's Dawson. His personality is so different. A few months ago we left our church and returned to the first one we attended when we moved here. He was raised as a little guy at that first church. He's gone to church camp with them most summers. Many of his friends are there. But he would not even consider joining a small group there!

In the past few months he has been going through those changes, along with some other ones, and it's been difficult for him. I really felt in my heart that he needed a group of guys and mentors that he could open up to. He really only has one friend that he hangs out with. And, he's a good kid. But, let's be honest. He's another 13 year old boy. His spiritual upbringing has been much different than ours. And, he's going through many of the same types of things. So, Dawson has him to listen to, and us. And, again let's face it, at age 13 we all think our parents are the dumbest people in the world! (You remember, don't you???) So, who's going to guide him? Who is he going to gain very important wisdom from, that he'll listen to?

This past week he decided really on his own to go back to our most recent church on Wednesday nights and hook back up with his Family Group. Hallelujah!!! An answer to prayer! He really respects the group leader who is a college aged young man. And when he got there last night Josh stood up and said, "The prodigal son has returned!" Dawson felt loved and missed. And, he was happy. He'll be going back. No question. He is forging his own path.

Should I be scared or worried or offended that these two kids don't want to do what Rick and I are doing in our spiritual walk??? NO!!! Instead, I should be, and am thrilled to see them growing in their own relationships with the Lord.

Anyway, I was asked about this just this morning, so I thought I would post about it. This is just my belief, by the way. But, I think it's solid. Now, to get to the work of determining what path God wants Rick and I to forge for ourselves and our little guys.

Have a great day!


  1. great post and the song that played was perfect and fitting did you plan that! :)

    love it! you have great kids!

  2. I am so glad you are listening to where God is calling you. Your right we all walk different paths toward our Lord in heaven.

    I added a 3rd church to my growing list of bible study groups yesterday. I look at it like you can never have too many wonderful Christian friends.

  3. How awesome about your kids finding great youth groups to be a part of! I loved being a part of my youth group, way back when, and I know it was a positive & vital part of my teen years! My son just became old enough to join the youth group at our church! He loves it and came home one Wednesday night, got out his guitar and started playing praise choruses!! Awesome!!:)


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