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Friday, October 23, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Patient

Several months ago Rick and I made a decision to do something. He was excited. I was excited. We got the kids excited (almost). And it was a go.

Then I had second thoughts. And the kids had second thoughts. And our dream balloon popped. Rick was disappointed.

Over the course of the summer, however, events have happened that needed to happen in order for me to see a bigger picture. God needed to line up events for me to see certain things a certain way.

God works so differently through Rick and I. God calls Rick to do big things in big ways. Typically those ways are shocking to those around us, but with his faith and obedience the most amazing things transpire. But for me, God just needs me to be obedient daily. And that's a struggle He and I have.

I know that it must be hard for Rick to be patient with me while I work through things when he knows that he is having a calling that he wants to jump on. There have been many times that I have just grabbed on to Rick's ride and held on for dear life, knowing it was going to work out for the best. But, this time, I just couldn't do that. I had to let God work it out through me.

So, that meant Rick had to be patient.

He has been so incredibly patient with me on this roller coaster I have been on this summer and fall. I've said so many times before that he has held me while I cried (which is so much), talked me through tough days, talked me down from the cliff's edge a couple of times, supported me as I made very difficult decisions, and provided me with assurance that he would take care of me and our family no matter what. And in all of that he has been so incredibly patient.

We've come around full circle. God has revealed to me, finally, some important things. And the doubts are now gone. Rick never really had the doubts. But he had to sit back and allow me to work through them. It's quite possible he has wanted to shake me at times to make me see what I should have been seeing all along. But, instead, he let God work Himself through me, in my way, in God's timing.

Thanks you, babe, for that! I am, now, so ready for that new adventure! No fears, no doubts. Because of your patience with me we can now go forward without the weight of those.

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Patient!


  1. What a wonderful and supportive guy you've got there! I've been reading some of your recent posts about the rough times you've been going through but no matter what he is right there supporting you. That's awesome! I'm also glad to see that things seem to be working themselves out and falling into place for you!

  2. great post! I so hope what we emailed about happens it would be awesome!


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