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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Trip to Aldi ~ Success or Failure???

My previous post told you that I had $45 to spend on groceries at Aldi, for two weeks worth of meals and some snacks.

Here's how I did ...

Whole chicken $ 4.14
(2) Swiss rolls 1.98 (Eli takes these in his lunch)
Elbow macaroni 1.69
(2) Crescent rolls 2.98
Sliced pepperonis 1.99
Flour tortillas .99
Bologna .99
Honey smoked ham 2.79
(2) Ground turkey 2.38
(2) 3lb. bags red apples 2.38
Frozen burritos 2.49
Boneless pork chops 4.50
Waffles 1.19
Cream of mushroom soup .59
Tomato soup .49
Avocado .79
Parma rosa sauce mix .59
Chicken noodle soup .49
Sirloin beef soup 1.39
Chicken broth .59
Diced tomatoes .49
(2) Loaves wheat bread 2.38
White bread .79
Penne pasta 1.09
Bran cereal 1.49
Shredded mexican cheese 2.29
Fresh mushrooms 1.29
Pretzels 1.29
Cheese puffs .99
Nacho cheese chips .99

Total spent with tax ~ $54.21

I was very pleased with this! This will take care of all of our meals starting October 19th through October 31st, plus some additional snacks.

Check back on Monday to see what our first week's menu looks like using the ingredients from above.

** Also, Aldi has HUGE pumpkins on sale for $2.49 each! I couldn't resist and got two of them because we didn't have any decorative pumpkins yet. I've been holding out for these from Aldi, because that's where I got them last year. Those were not included in the total above. I had put some money aside for them. We'll get additional small ones at the pumpkin patch when the little guys go with their classes the last week of October.

I'm going to call this trip a Success!

I joined back up with The Grocery Cart Challenge Shopping Roundup this week. I haven't done that in a while. Check out Gayle's site to see some frugal shopping trips!


  1. great job!!! I wondering you don't have to answer here you can email me do you pull the cash out and put them in envelopes? I've heard of people doing that and once the money is gone they have to make do?

  2. I love Dave Ramsey and hate him all at the same time. I'm not good at budgets. Your shopping trip has inspired me though. I think it helps to be organized.

  3. We went to Aldi last weekend for the first time and got some of those awesome pumpkins! I asked a lady "How much are those pumpkins?" She says "2.49" I said " A pound?" she looked at me real funny and said
    "No, just 2.49" I was like "OMG" she said "well, last year they were 1.99, so they went up!"
    pfffft ~ 2.49 ~ I will take 3 :)


  4. Great job Nicole. I have just recently started using coupons and I am starting to get more organized with them now. With 6 of us in the house + 2 pets, I needed to do something with the grocery budget. We have a new Aldi about 10 min. away. I am planning on checking it out soon. Hopefully I will have as good of luck as you did. Have a great rest of the week.
    Oh & if my hubby ever makes any of those stainless steel pumpkins on my Daybook pic, I will get your address & send you one. But I am not holding my breath that he will ever get a chance to make me some. He travels with his job way too much. Oh well, at least I have the pic to look at & dream about. LOL.

  5. I wish we had this store in Vegas. I keep reading about it on various blogs.
    Is the quality of the meat and vegetables very good?

  6. I decided to post a list of frugal grocery shopping questions on my blog.
    I invite you to share your answers to some or all of them. I could use some help.
    Thank you.


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