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Saturday, October 24, 2009

We Will, We Will, Walk You!!

The theme for my kiddos' walk-a-thon this year was SC Rocks! It had a double meaning. The school has a nature theme and we just think it rocks, like a rockstar!

I don't know if your school does this for a fundraiser, but it's such a hit here in our city.

The kids take donations, either per lap or lump sum (our school chose lump sum this year). Then they have a day where they walk for two hours outside, listening to LOUD music, eating pop ices and competing to see who can walk the most laps, both individually and as a class. The kids really love it! And there are great prizes donated by local businesses for the different competitions. Our local bank even throws in $500 to use toward prizes and donates t-shirts for all the kids and teachers. We look forward to the fun every year!

Yesterday, however, it was 51 degrees with a strong north wind. Brrrrr!!!!!

I headed up to the school with gloves, hats and travel cups of hot chocolate for Eli and Brynne. I was dreading it a little. And I knew they were not going to be crazy about the cold, windy weather conditions.

When I walked into the school to get my visitor's sticker, hallelujah!, they were walking inside the school!

We are so blessed to have this nice new school with wide halls. And, since only half of the kids walk at a time, the kids not walking were still able to concentrate on school work in their pods with the doors closed. That way the music could still blare! Our school is so cool!

The kids had such a fun time! And I had a fun time! We walked for two hours straight, with a couple of pop ice and water breaks.

It was so cute to listen to the kids singing, "We will, we will, rock you!" at the top of their lungs while walking. They held hands with their friends, and smiled and just had a blast!

Our school's goal was to raise $25,000. I know you're thinking, what?? But, you know what? That's completely doable in a school of 600 kids. If each student raised about $85, they'd reach their goal. Friends and and family are so much more willing to give cash donations to a cause than to buy all that junk schools sell, where the school only gets about 5% of the sales. I highly recommend you make a walk-a-thon suggestion to your school's PTO, if they don't already do one. If you'd like more specific information, let me know.

Yes, SC Rocks!

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