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Monday, October 26, 2009

Red Ribbons, Patches and a Mystery

There will be multiple posts every day this week. It's one of those kinds of weeks where so much is going on! There are class trips, dress up days at school, my regular daily posts and the extra ramblings of my mind (lucky you).

This is Red Ribbon week at our schools, our drug awareness week. Each day the kids are encouraged to dress up in a theme to remind them of a fight against drugs. (Kind of heavy stuff for little guys, but the dress up days are fun anyway.) Today's dress up day was crazy/mismatched socks symbolizing "Sock it to drugs." Brynne was easy. She was going to the pumpkin patch with her class today, so I just bought her two different pair of Halloween socks and she wore one on each foot. Then I just dressed her to match in a Halloween shirt, skirt, tights, boots and barrettes. But, what do you put on a little boy? It's not as though Eli has funky socks! He's kind of a whitey-tighty with plain white ankle socks type of kid. I found him some Air Walk long basketball knee socks, with different colored stripes across the top. He wore them with basketball shorts and and a zip up hoodie. He wasn't real excited, but wore it anyway.

Then Brynne's class went to the pumpkin patch here in town. They went on a hayride, took pictures, picked out a small pumpkin, had a snack, heard stories, did a craft, played a game and ran through a couple of mazes. But, the highlight was riding the school bus! I could have taken her home with me after the pumpkin patch, but she wanted to ride the bus back to school and have me pick her up there.

I bought a couple of pumpkins for Kyndal and Dawson to carve (because they have complained every year that I never let them carve our pumpkins!) After belly-aching about how much work it was to clean them out and carve them (teenagers .. humph!), they finally finished them. We don't carve pumpkins very often, huh?

Brynne drew a pumpkin patch with sidewalk chalk.

Eli played video games in the house and finished off Sunday's donuts.

And finally ... I bought this today.

"What is it", you ask? Well, you'll have to wait to find out! This was just a little teaser to keep you coming back for more!!


  1. I will vote that the book is a prayer journal :) I looove mine like that!


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