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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ever Growing

Groceries are outrageous, we all know that!  I've done several things this year to try to cut our grocery budget .. going back to the basics of meal planning based on sales and available coupons, sticking to a list, taking only cash, shopping at Aldi instead of large grocery store chains, etc.  I try to cut our snacking costs down, without depriving the family of their favorites. I've done this by letting them each pick one snack per week that is exclusively theirs and making more actual frugal desserts that we eat for a couple of days.  These things really do seem to be working despite the continual climb in grocery costs.  

Because of the high grocery prices, and my desperate need to see new growth and green things, I have decided to plant a container vegetable garden on our back porch this year.

Several years ago Dawson decided he wanted to plant a garden.  Rick tilled the hard ground (which is one of our most hilarious family stories), and we planted some things.  I can't even remember what.  But I do remember that we planted some watermelons.  Dawson lost interest in the garden after about 2 days, and we had to fence it to try to keep our digging dog out of it. We ended up with only one watermelon about the size of a tomato.  It was a wasted effort.

Rick's a little cracked-up I am doing this.  He asked me what we were going to do with all of these vegetables if I am successful.  I told him I might can them.  I think he is amazed at all of the things I am willing to try this year.  This is definitely strange for someone who hates change!!  I am having high hopes for this container garden, though.  I've kept it simple, deciding to plant only tomatoes, green peppers and green beans.  We don't eat a lot of green beans, but some of my fondest memories with my grandma are of us picking beans and snapping them.  It was so fun!  I hope we actually get a small crop that we can play with.  I think the little kids will enjoy it.

Brynne and I planted our seeds in our little plastic greenhouse today.  I pray that in a week or two I don't look in there to see absolutely nothing!  I really hope to have some little plants in a few weeks that I can successfully transplant into containers.  I really, really hope to have some fresh juicy tomatoes this summer!!

Step 1 ~ Get all my supplies together

Step 2 ~ Get someone else to do the work (ha!)

Step 3 ~ Jump in and help because it looks fun and  because I'm too much of a perfectionist to let someone else do it!

Step 4 ~ Water

Step 5 ~ Label (because I guarantee you I won't be able to tell the difference once they turn into plants!!!)

Step 6 ~ Cover with dome and place in warm, well-lit area

Step 7 ~ Pray!!!

My bloggy friend Phoebe is going all out this year in gardening.  She even bought a greenhouse! I am nowhere near that level, and only hope I end up with a few plants that produce fruit.  But I am way impressed and am trying to follow what she is doing.  Go check it out!!

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with your garden this year! Green beans are so much fun with kids.

    Thank you for linking up!


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