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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday ~ Nicole Needs

Okay, this is going to be one of those crazy days .. Bible study, two preschool Valentine parties, Kyndal's winter formal.  I leave at 8:40 this morning and don't come back until this afternoon, only to leave again.  

I will have pictures of everything to post later.  But, I wanted to do this real quick.  My friend Becky Henry Tilton posted this Note on Facebook, so I thought I would do it here instead.  It's pretty funny.

In your favorite search engine you type "(Your Name) needs" and write down the top 10 things that come up.  I  have 13 because I thought 11-13 were funny.  Here goes:

1.  Nicole needs a boob job.  (wow!)
2.  Nicole needs sustenance and anti-craft missiles.  (today, possibly!)
3.  Nicole needs no food when she can shop 'till she drops.  (now that is a true statement!)
4.  Nicole needs to cover her junk.  (both emotional and physical).
5.  Nicole needs a stylist.  (I don't need a stylist, I just need to see her!!!)
6.  Nicole needs a new computer.  (not true, thankfully!)
7.  Nicole needs a drummer.  (not true, I have 5 who play on Rockband upstairs)
8.  Nicole needs a good meal.  (cooked by someone else, naturally)
9.  Nicole needs photoshop.  (no, I have Photoshop, I need someone who actually knows how to use it!)
10.  Nicole needs a new home.  (nope .. LOVE the one I have)

11.  Nicole needs dairy to protect her bones.  (so true)
12.  Nicole needs a reality show.  (but I can't seem to find one that wants to focus on my life of grocery shopping, driving in my car, wearing my pjs and watching dvr'd shows!)
13.  Nicole needs to lay off the botox.  (now, that might truly be the case in a couple of years!)

Anyway, I thought that was fun and was something that could get you by until I post ALL of  my pics from todays actvities.  Hopefully I can do that tonight.

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