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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday

There's Good News and Bad News:

The Bad News is that ~ there is NO WAY I can do a total week's shopping for $75 .. not and eat in the style our family eats.

I think it is AWESOME how some families cook exclusively from scratch, using mostly pantry items, very rarely eat pre-packaged snacks, etc.  I hope to steadily do better in this area, but for now it's just not possible.  Sure, I could get off this stinking computer and make it a more viable option.  But, I don't want to ... (whine).  

I truly believe a $90 per week goal is more realistic for us, especially with our milk consumption.

The Good News is that ~ I did really well this week and I am extremely proud!

The all-Aldi trip went well!  I even enjoyed it!  I even think I'm going to try to do this system every other week.  It was fun and I got a ton of food for the money!  I do think I paid a tad bit more for a few items I bought than I would have at Wal-Mart, but I think it was mostly because it was a higher bulk of the item than I would normally buy.  I weighed the options of just paying the higher price versus making a separate trip to Wal-Mart and decided to just pay the higher price.

This is what I bought ~

Cheese puffs  .99
BBQ potato chips  1.29
(2) 4-pk toilet paper  1.59
Bran cereal  1.49
Chocolate ice cream  1.99
Honey  3.79
Celery  1.19
Pasta  1.49
Saltines  .89
(2) 1 lb. Strawberries 3.18
3 pk Green peppers  1.59
Orange juice  1.79
Cheese pizza kit  2.49
Poptarts  1.69
Canned chicken breast  1.79
Tub butter  .99
Chocolate pudding  .88
Refried beans  .65
Holiday cinnamon rolls  1.99
Can bisquits  1.19
Cream of chicken  .49
Margarine quarters  .55
Chicken nuggets  3.99 (we have eaten every kind under the sun and these are our favs!)
3 lbs rice  1.79
Turkey bacon  1.99
3 cups shredded mexican  2.99
4 cups shredded mozzarella  3.79
Dozen eggs 1.39
(2) Green tea  1.98
Sour cream  .99
Oatmeal creme pies  .99
(2) 64 oz apple juice  2.78
Pringles  .99
Chocolate chip cookies  1.89
Salsa  1.49
Corn muffin mix  .35
Sugar wafer cookies  1.15
8 qt powdered milk  5.99
Total with Tax  $74.34 !!!

That's .66 under goal!!! ...... but ... I spent about $11 at Wal-Mart earlier in the week on cat litter, golden mushroom soup, and Brynne's lunchables she takes to preschool ..... and ... I still need about 2-3 gallons of milk which will be another $10 or so.

I'm counting my total this week at $95.00  That's still $30 under my budget amount of $125.00 .. great job, Nicole!!!

Don't forget to stop off at The Grocery Cart Challenge to some some inspiring examples of frugal shopping.


  1. I found you through Grocery Cart Challenge and just wanted to encourage you today. I'll admit that I have found myself comparing my budget and menu to others, but honestly it's not about what is working for others, it's about what works for your family using the resources the Lord has given you. It looks like you are doing a great job.

  2. I am with you too, my meals are about easy, fast and somewhat healthy... which isn't the cheap option. I only go to one grocery store and the time savings is worth more to me than the few dollars I would save. You are doing a great job!

  3. You amaze me! You got a lot of stuff. Let me tell you what I did this week. My budget was $30 this week for groceries - I went and spent $30.34! I was so excited - only to get home and realize that Gabe needed diapers (which for some reason my "finance counselor" says that groceries include everything - so I spent $20 on diapers and hmmm something else.... anyhow I thought I did good and then we blew the budget completely out of the water... oh well better luck... next week?

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog and your children are just beautiful!!!!!

  5. Nicole,
    Do you buy your meat at Aldi's too? I haven't yet, but may....
    I think I've gotten too picky. I may get the chicken nuggets for the kids. They love them but I seldom buy them. And I agree on the milk....I'll pay the price there:)
    Store to store shopping isn't always worth my time for a few pennies, don't feel bad!

  6. I just found your blog this week! I live in OK too! I'm impressed w/ your Aldi shopping trip. You've convinced me that I need to go back there. I've only been once and it was great, it's just not that convenient....but it is worth it!!
    Your family is adorable! Have a great week!


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