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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WW/WO Day 1

I did my first day of real Weight Watchers yesterday, and got back into working out.  I actually do feel so much better today!  (Although I have to admit that I considered not working out this morning because I was tired!!  Did I do it? You'll have to check back tomorrow!!)

I have decided not to waste a daily post on this, but instead set up a sidebar, just to your right, and a Ticker for my 5 lb. weight loss.  If you care to see if I met my points daily and/or worked out according to my schedule, you can look at it.  If not, you can ignore it.  This is all just for accountability for me anyway.

My daily WW points goal is 22 points, and I get 35 flex points per week to use wherever I want. I have set up my workout schedule.  Yesterday I ate 20 points, and used 3 flex points for the milk I will add to my coffee all week.  I did work out yesterday.

I was so tempted to weigh last night and this morning, but I held off.  The real point is, I felt good this morning.  That's my real goal anyway.

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