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Friday, February 20, 2009 ~ Eat $35 for $12

I know I am bombarding you with posts today, but I just wanted to make you aware of the 80% off discount at  

At this site you can choose restaurants in cities all over the country, purchase a gift certificate (typically a $25 gift certificate for $10) and with a minimum dinner order of $35 you can use your $25 gift card. So, a $35 meal would cost you $20.

But, right now (and I don't know for how long) you can purchase the $25 gift card for $2 instead of $10 if you use the code DINE at checkout.  That means you get a $35 meal for $12. I have heard from numerous people that this is awesome!  I just ordered two $25 gift cards for $4 .. one to TeKei's in Tulsa and one to Jazmo'z in Tulsa.  These might not be my top picks for restaurants (I'm an Olive Garden or Carrabba's kind of girl), but what a great frugal date night!!

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