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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today  ~  February 17, 2009

Outside my window... It's looking cloudy and cold, but I really have no idea because I haven't been outside.  However, I was really hoping for some SUN!

I am thinking... that I thought once January hit that I wouldn't have hardly anything to do .. and that I might even be a little bit bored.  Then why am I having trouble getting my house cleaned, or staying organized, or doing my Bible study?  I need to look into that.  I probably don't need to look any further than my computer screen, though.

I am thankful for... healthy kids though this continual sick season.  Can I just say it again that I can't believe we have managed to stay so healthy when I know some families who have had a sick kid almost continuously since about October!  It's been us in past years .. does diligence pay off?

From the learning rooms... We're still working on letter sounds, although begrudgingly!  Brynne has also really been practicing using scissors.  We have had several pieces of paper cut into tiny pieces over the last couple of days.  She got the idea from the Charlie Brown valentine cartoon when one of the characters is cutting a valentine quickly and paper is flying everywhere.  She keeps saying, "Look at my valentine, isn't it perfect?"

From the kitchen... a plate full of hershey kiss cookies is staring at me .. but I shall resist!

I am wearing... Gray sweats, tennis shoes and my Eskimo Joe's t-shirt (I just worked out).

I am creating... a pink Barbie convertible out of a cardboard box for Brynne to take to drive-in movie day at school on Thursday.

I am going... to stay on top of my busy day today so I can sit this evening and watch as much television as possible!  We had school breaks on Friday and Monday and I've been runnin' for several days straight!  And I'm going to do two lessons of my Bible study tonight!

I am reading... still mostly just my Esther Bible study materials and the Word.  Occasionally I look through a magazine.  I have a book to pick up at the library, but I can't even remember what it is now.

I am hoping... we get the super-low interest rate we've been quoted on our refinance (... we're just trying to take advantage of these low interest rates before they start going up!!)

I am hearing... Clifford, our cat, kindof howling at Bandit, our bearded dragon, upstairs.  He kindof does this same ritual every morning.  He growls at him from the bottom of the stairs then runs upstairs (which is loud because he is a HUGE cat) and then lays at the cage and stares at him.

Around the house... we have a yard that needs weed killer sprayed on it and flower pots that are begging for spring!!

One of my favorite things... is planning, as most of you know.  I'm lost if I'm not planning something!  Yesterday Steph and I sat down and worked on the plans for our vacation this summer.  Our family will be driving, with theirs, about 2500 miles round trip (about 50 hours in the car) to go to the Black Hills of South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse), Cody Wyoming, Yellowstone for three days, Jackson Hole Wyoming and home.  It astounds me to look at the map.  We will touch 6 states on that trip!

A few plans for the rest of the week...  today is, say it all together, Grocery Day!  Kyndal has an ortho appointment and then we are vegging!!  I declare it so!  On Thursday I enroll Brynne for the pre-k program next year (seriously????) and we have a birthday party to attend.  I also have Bible study that morning and am helping a friend work on her blog in the afternoon.  On Friday Kyndal has a birthday party to attend, and Dawson is leaving for the weekend to spend some time with his dad.  On Saturday we have a, yet another, birthday party!  So far, Sunday is clear.  Then on Monday I am attending an enrollment meeting for Kyndal to go to HIGH SCHOOL!  Oh my gosh, I'm going to hyperventilate!  What a year!  Kyndal will be in high school, Dawson will become a teenager, Eli will start kindergarten and with Brynne going to the pre-k program I'll have all four in school.  Seriously, I just brought each of them home from the hospital last week, right???

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

The eyes are the window to the soul ...

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  1. Wow Nicole - I can not imagine mine in school! We have thought about putting Grant in half day preschool but he would have to be in the two's since he has a late birthday. And that really bothers me because he is so smart (I'm not just saying that - I've had many a people tell me...) But I think I am going to keep him home close to mommy for at least another year - - maybe 2... or 3?!

    And you are not the only one who is having organization issues - this house is unbelievable! I can't find a home for ANYTHING! Just pray!!!!


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