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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday ~ My Least Favorite and My New Favorite

I hate trying on swimming suits!

Last year I went through ordering and sending back about 6 suits to Victoria Secret and then really didn't like the ones I ended up buying.

And, if you want to be assured of getting your size, you have to buy them when they are most expensive and when you are the most white and flabby.  Horrific experience every year!!

My husband likes for me to wear bikinis.  Thankfully, I can still pull that off.  However this year I need either a one-piece or a tankini to wear at youth church camp.  

On Tuesday, while at Walmart, I saw swimwear separates that were actually pretty cute .. and only $12 each!  Absolutely refusing to try them on in the store, I bought a set and took it home. And you know what??  It's adorable!  The fit is awesome, it's stylish and comfortable!!  I haven't felt that good in a bathing suit in years!  I tried to find a picture of it to post but was unsuccessful, and didn't take a pic with my own camera .. you'll just have to hope you get a glimpse of it this summer!!  It has browns and blues and even has that trendy metallic gold!  I think I'll go get some cute metallic sandals to wear with it!  I already have the perfect coverup.

So, if you like cute, cheap, comfortable swimwear, go get a spray tan and run to Walmart .. they're selling out quick!!

And I now have a favorite snack!  (Brace yourself, this is no bombshell to anyone except me!) After my post about how unfulfilling fruit is to me, as opposed to some chocolate poptarts or a full bag of doritos, I put together a combination of fruit yesterday that knocked my socks off .. a fruit plate of sorts!  Seriously, this is no biggy, but it was so good!  It reminded me of when I was in the hospital having Brynne and I ordered a "room service" fruit plate and it was the most heavenly thing I had ever eaten!  What did I do yesterday that was so great?  I cut up a banana, a half-cup of strawberries sprinkled with artificial sweetener and a half-cup of grapes and put them on a plate.  Then I ate them.  Yep, that was it!  They were so good .. and filling .. and only 3 WW points for that whole thing!!  It was actually part of my lunch since my lunch was only 2 points.  I retract my previous statements about fruit.  I guess I just need it presented to my mouth in "room service" fashion.  I'm spoiled that way.


  1. Just another idea for fruit, I learned a long time ago to dip my fruit in Jell-O powder. Yes, you heard me right! My kids LOVED it when they were little. Your would probably like it as well! I always liked to dip apples, bananas and strawberries into the powder. Now that you can buy the sugar-free Jell-O, it would make it even better!

  2. SEXYYYYYY MAMA!!! Can't wait to see these swimsuit shots this summer!!!!
    I too am able to wear a bikini but my daughter gets embarrased!!! WHATEVER!! We work hard to stay in "bikini shape" and we deserve to wear one. I tell her someday when SHE is 35 and wearing a bikini she will look back and feel bad for ragging me about it!!!

    Take care!!


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