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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Activity Filled

This weekend was filled with lots of activity ...

Dawson had a great time at his merit badge fair, and earned two badges in chemistry and art. But, it was a long day and he was exhausted when he got home ...

Eli, Brynne and I worked on valentine boxes and treats.  Eli picked out Star Wars everything ... stickers to decorate his box and valentines.  Brynne picked out Mickey Mouse valentines and Dora stickers for her box.  Here are the finished products:

I made treats for Brynne's class ~ inside the tubes kids will find M&M's and Hershey kisses.

Kyndal spent the weekend with her dad and it ended on an interesting note.

Rick played golf.  I got to take a nap this afternoon.

Rick and I went to our church's yearly Victory Rally and heard about the exciting things that will be happening with our church this year.  2008 was a great year, but 2009 is going to be awesome!  You can just feel it!

This week has some exciting things going on!  All of the valentine parties are on Thursday and Kyndal's 8th grade formal is Thursday night .. FUN!!  We don't have school on Friday or Monday.  We have plans to get pictures taken on Friday and possibly go to the Putt and Jump open house. Saturday is Valentine's Day and I have some special things planned for the kids. The twins are at Disney this week, so I have the "week off".  I'm sure I will get nothing extra accomplished, but it will be nice to spend that time devoted to my kiddos.

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