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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today  ~  February 10, 2009

Outside my window... It's foggy outside all of a sudden and the clouds will be rolling in for another round of storms tonight.

I am thinking... I am all charged up excited today for some reason, but don't know why!  Is it because I've done things "right" this morning, so far??  (I got up on time, had an awesome time alone with God where He gave me some specific revelation about something I need to change in me, exercised, got completely ready in time to actually sit here and do my Daybook without rushing).  Or could it be that something exciting is on the horizon of my day??  I don't know ..

I am thankful for... some spring-like weather this week, even if it's been stormy off and on.

From the learning rooms... Eli is needing to learn his letter sounds for Kindergarten Klinic coming up soon.  So, we've been practicing them all the time!  We even have flashcards in the car to practice when we're driving.  His teacher is going to send home a music cd that has a song about letter sounds to help because he loves music.  The really good news is that Brynne will certainly know her sounds as well by the time we're done!

From the kitchen... waffles are being made, Brynne's lunch is being packed for preschool, the chicken is thawing for Orange Chicken and rice tonight for dinner, my coffee pot is still sustaining me.

I am wearing... a black babydoll shirt, my favorite jeans and black flats.

I am creating... Valentine everything ~ boxes, valentines, treats, fun things to do on Saturday evening as a family.

I am going... today to do what I always do on Tuesdays ~ my weekly grocery shopping.  But this week it's with a twist, with a challenge.  I have planned all of our meals around what I can purchase at Aldi, so as to keep me out of Wal-mart and away from my impulse buying.  I am excited to see how it goes!

I am reading... mostly just my Esther Bible study materials and the Word.  Occasionally I look through a magazine.

I am hoping... Rick has a good day at work where he feels total fulfillment and accomplishment!

I am hearing... Star Wars:  The Clone Wars on t.v. and the refrigerator humming.

Around the house... it is dark and quiet ~ duh .. do you think I'd actually be able to sit down and do this if anything was going on???

One of my favorite things... my coffee, was not ready for me this morning when I woke up ~ or should I say it had been waiting for me and gave up!  We had a power outage yesterday morning and although I reset all of the clocks, I forgot to reset the timer clock on my coffee pot.  So, my coffee brewed at midnight last night, and automatically shut of at 2 a.m.  The surprising part is that I didn't wake up at midnight going, "Mmmmm ....."

A few plans for the rest of the week...  This is a fun week for us, like it is for most families.  Both little guys have their preschool Valentine parties on Thursday, so we will continue to get ready for those.  Kyndal has her 8th grade winter formal on Thursday night and she is SO EXCITED!  I have arranged to borrow our neighbors' Hummer to take her and her friends to the dance in and one of her friends' mom is a photographer and is going to take some pictures of the girls with the Hummer.  She's excited about that.  Until then we'll have to go get nails done, colored bands changed in her braces and spray tanning, etc.  I try to be a Simple Woman, but I never said she was!  On Friday we don't have school, so we're going to head up to our local Putt and Jump for some inflatable jumping fun.  Dawson and I are setting up American flags on Saturday with his Boy Scout troop.  Then on Monday, when we are also out of school, we are going to get some pictures taken and then stopping by Big Splash Waterpark to get our pictures taken for our season passes so we don't have to wait in line for an hour or so on the first day this summer.  We have a busy week ahead .. whew!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This was the sunrise outside our back windows this morning

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