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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

We had a nice Valentine's Day this year!

Dawson and I had to go put out American Flags for President's Day, so I got up early and made "sweetheart cinnamon rolls" with pink icing for the family.

I served Rick breakfast in bed and gave him his valentine, which was a homemade card and a bag of his favorite Hershey kisses.  He got me a Bebo Norman cd that I wanted.

The kids got cards from their grandparents.

Then Dawson and I were off to do flags.

Once I got home I immediately got started cooking.  I was originally going to make "love pizzas", but since Loren brought us pizza on Thursday night I replaced it with Thursday's intended dinner of baked salisbury steak and homemade macaroni and cheese.  I made the patties into hearts.

I also made a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and kiss cookies.  Yum!!

Rick blew bubbles with the kids and I worked on the computer planning our summer vacation to Yellowstone.

Then we all bundled up on the couch to watch "Space Buddies".  I would like to say it was a good movie ... but, oh my.  Eli and Brynne enjoyed it, and even Dawson enjoyed parts.  Rick, Kyndal and I just couldn't get over how cheesy it was.  But, it was family time and that's what really mattered to me.

And, as you can see from my previous post, it ended on a high note when I won the iPod Touch and $10 iTunes gift card. Awesome!

I hope your Valentine's Day was fun!  Leave me a comment to let me know what you did!!

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