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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday


Groceries ~
Peanut butter  2.28
(2) cereal  5.00 (totally didn't need these, but had a coupon so went ahead, but then didn't buy enough to use the coupon .. urgh!)
1.75 lb bananas  1.17
Bulk goldfish  6.46
Frozen broccoli  .93 (coupon)
(3) frozen pizzas  3.00
(3) mac and cheese  1.50
Penne pasta  1.16
Rigatoni  1.16
Chocolate chip cookies  2.50 (Dawson snack)
Mandarin oranges  1.77
Sour cream  1.06
Tea bags  1.44
Junior lunchable  1.94
Apple juice  2.27
(2) chicken broth  1.72
Cream of celery .54
Ranch dressing  1.88
Frozen burritos  2.98
Poptarts  2.88
4.5 lb Whole chicken  3.74
Swiss cheese  2.08
Sausage  1.50
Koolaid  1.76
Hot dogs  .88
Bag carrots  1.68
Flaxseed  1.86
Garlic powder  .50
Apple sauce  1.08
(2) Yoplait yogurt  1.53 (coupons)
Turkey breast  2.98
Shredded parmesan  1.98
Shredded mozzarella  1.98
Cream cheese  1.22
Butter quarters  .83
Minced garlic  1.34
Linguine  .97
Eggs  1.32
(2) Fruit snacks  3.01 (coupons .. Kyndal's snack)
Bisquits  .62 (coupon)

Total Groceries  $83.01  

(2) gallon 2% milk  7.38
(1) 1/2 gallon 1% milk  1.94
Total  $10.11

Loaf whole grain bread  1.29
Loaf light wheat bread  1.39
(2) discounted Hostess 90 calorie carrot cake snacks  3.50 (this is a bargain, as the cheapest I ever find them is $3.00 a box.  These are great 1-pt. Weight Watchers snacks!!)
Total  $  6.71

Household Items ~
Toilet paper  1.27
Dust and shine 2.72 (coupon)
Humidifier filter  4.96
Dish detergent  2.13 (coupon)
Fabric softener  2.48
Immune C gummies  5.49
Cascade rinse aid  FREE (coupon)

Total Household Items  $ 20.62
Total Groceries  $  99.83

** As you can see I have divided Groceries and Household Items this time.  I am starting that now, to give myself a better idea of what I am actually spending on groceries.  Obviously, if you've been following this blog, you have seen that there is no way I can feed this family (in the style we eat) on $75 a week, let alone include all of our household items in that.  I'm still shooting for that .. that is my "dream amount".  My "realistic goal amount" is $90 a week.  And my "budget" is $125 a week.

I have an extra $50 per month that, up until now, has not been accountable to any budget slot. So, that will now become my "Household Items" budget.  I am adding that envelope to my system starting now.  Our vitamins, pet supplies, cleaning supplies and such make it additionally impossible to get anywhere near a $75 per week goal.  So, I am taking that out and putting it where it needs to be .. in a category of it's own.

With the stockpile of food I now have, even snacks, I seriously should have a small grocery bill next week.  (Although I seem to keep saying that.)  And, I'm doing another "Aldi only" week to help out.

The photo does not include purchases at Braum's or the Wonder/Hostess store.

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