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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weight Loss/Gain Update

As you can see from my sidebar, I gained .2 pounds this week, making my total weight loss 1 pound in 3 weeks.

I'd like to comment on this.  The real goal of getting back on Weight Watchers was to make myself feel better both physically and mentally.  By losing my belly weight, I'd feel better on both accounts.  By also adding more exercise into my week, and eating more fruits and veggies, I'd definitely feel better on both accounts.

This last week I think I really stayed pretty close to my point goals for the week, but I just didn't write them down.  That was a mistake.  By the fact that I wasn't hungry, I am imagining I was a little over in my estimations.

But I am not concerned.  Although I have lost only 1 pound, I've given myself until May to lose the full 5.  And it's obvious that any weight I have or have not lost as been completely redistributed on my body.  My clothes are fitting so much better in the mid-section and I've lost my little muffin top. How could that be by only losing 1 pound, you ask?  It's because of the changes in what I have been eating.  

Friends, I am a carb-a-holic!!  I crave and dream about eating breads, pastas and rices!  Yum! Back in the day of the "no carb diet" I would wake up one day and seriously want to eat an entire loaf of bread!  By doing Weight Watchers, I drastically reduce my carb intake and replace it with fruits and veggies.  So, it immediately comes off my mid-section where carbs like to live.

Not only that, but I'm getting some awesome food put into my body as result of those changes. Do I like to eat fruits and veggies?  Not particularly.  They leave me feeling very empty. That's why I have to dedicate myself to doing Weight Watchers every once in a while .. because I just simply will not make fruits and veggies a part of my normal diet, in replacing carbs anyway.

And how have I been feeling??? FABULOUS!  You can't eat healthy food, exercise daily and take healthy supplements without feeling great!  And that's my real goal.  I have added fish oil supplements to my diet to help with my arthritis, and also added honey and cinnamon to it for the same reason.  I take my multi-vitamin and Bayer with calcium every day, drink my hot green tea, have a bowl of bran cereal with blueberries, have a chunk of dark chocolate, and lots of whole grains.  These things are daily intakes that I enjoy.  And I really do feel great!

So, am I dismayed that in doing all of this I have only lost 1 pound?  Absolutely not!  I am thrilled with the way my body feels!


  1. Sounds like my weight loss journey. I am so discouraged right now I ate really bad this weekend and with sick kids no gym.

  2. Good for you for not being discouraged! I did WW for a bit a few months ago but then went on vacation and undid it all. I really should try to get back to it (as I sit here eating chips)!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Everything I eat seems to go straight to my stomach, which, from your post, makes me believe I am eating too many carbs! I'll have to take note of that this week! I've lost 10 pounds, but haven't noticed my clothes fitting any better....I wonder if that's why??? I just love reading your blog....I think your kids' names rock....LOVE the name Kyndall!!

  4. You are a better woman than me. I gained a pound this week and thats with riding the bike for thirty minutes six out of those seven days. My goal is to lose 32 pounds and it seems nearly impossible.


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