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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday

Urrgggg ... I seem to be going backwards instead of forwards on my weekly grocery goal!  I went way over goal this week!  I did buy cereal and chicken ahead because it was on sale.  But my problem is that I don't then take that amount out of future weeks.  So, I'm not really helping myself.  And I bought an extra bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts because they were on sale at another store, and I was ad-matching, BUT I FORGOT TO TELL HER THE COMP PRICE SO PAID FULL PRICE FOR BOTH!!  Oh, I HATE that!!

There were some great deals at Wal-Mart this week, if you coupled them with the coupons I had. I incorporated them into my list, and my first list had me spending right at $75.  I had my list perfected.  Then I started thinking of things we were out of and it was really adding up.  So, I ended up having to cut many of those coupon deals out.  They were things we didn't need for this week, just could have used. And that's my problem with couponing.  I rarely use them because the coupons are rarely for things I need.  That being said, however, I did use $5.50 in coupons this week so that was a savings.  I'm still torn about spending $2.00 on a Sunday paper to get coupons.  I know I don't save $2.00 a week with the coupons I use out of the paper. Where I find my coupons is with printable coupons.  And those are free. So, I am done with the Sunday paper thing.

The other thing counting against me is that I am trying to lose 5 lbs., and Rick is wanting to lose some weight.  Losing weight means spending more money on lower fat grocery items.  That adds up when you have a tight budget.

Now that you have seen all of my excuses, this is what I have spent this week:

(2) Betty Crocker box potatoes .50 (coupon and ad match)
(2) Progresso soup 2.50 (coupon)
Healthy Choice frozen dinner 1.50
Tomato soup .75
Mandarin oranges 1.77
8 pk fruit juices 1.98
Bulk goldfish 5.98
Sour cream 1.06
Chocolate chip cookies 2.50
(2) Pop tarts 2.50
Toothpaste .88
Hairspray .96
Angelhair pasta .92
(2) Chocolate pudding 2.00
Apple juice 2.27
Large pkg. flour tortillas 4.22
Junior lunchable 1.94
(5) Boxes cereal 7.00 (ad match and coupon)
Sugar free koolaid 1.76
Ovaltine 1.97
Immune booster gummies 5.49
Two pack fish oil supplements 5.94
Raisins 1.13
(2) Boneless skinless chicken breasts 14.96 (urgg .. should have been 11.98)
(2) Chunky Soup 1.88 (coupon)
48 oz. vegetable oil 1.99 (ad match)
(3) Kraft shredded cheese 6.00 (ad match)
Total with tax $ 89.08

Lettuce .99
Cheese puffs .99
Bran flakes 1.49
5 lb. sugar 2.11
2.5 lbs. bananas 1.28
Spaghetti sauce .99
(3) Cream of chicken 1.47
Total with tax $ 10.11

Total spent $99.19  ($24.19 over goal, $25.81 under budgeted amount)   ** And I haven't gotten milk this week yet!!

I have given myself a challenge ~ ~ next week I am shopping exclusively at Aldi.  No brand named snacks, etc.  I paid attention yesterday to what was there and I have planned meals around it. We'll see how that works.  It really should save me significant money to stay out of Wal-Mart! I am excited to do my shopping for next week.  I love a good challenge!  Stay tuned ...

To see examples of staying under a goal amount, go see Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge.

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