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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Landscaping ~ Phase I

I'm just not sure if there is a warmer moment than what I am feeling right now.  As I sit here in the kitchen, working on my grocery list, doing some computer work, Rick and the kids are outside moving large landscaping rocks from the end of our acre lot to our backyard.  They load up a large rock on a pallet, Rick drives past the rock creek and then Kyndal (yes, Miss 14 Year Old) hops in the driver's seat and drives up the hill to the backyard, while Rick directs her.  He unloads the rock, takes her place behind the wheel and they head back out for another rock. Brynne is in the passenger seat feeling very big and important.  Eli was in here with me, but ran out to tell Rick that "it's beautiful!"  ... and then he disappeared into the Suburban, too.  So there they are, working together as a family.  It's awesome!

Kyndal driving

Our lot was in shambles when we started building our house. Rick worked like a dog last summer mowing down the 1/2 acre next to us and moving thousands of rocks into the creek bed.  What's been accomplished is nothing short of amazing. But there is still so much left to be done.  We only have so much time and so much money to do what we want, so we're having to compromise and only do a portion this year.  

But I can't wait until it's all done!  It will look like a park paradise when it's complete!

Our backyard before they started

Our backyard after they moved the rocks

We are planning to plant some bushes around the rocks that our neighbors said we could take "starts" from.  Just on the other side of those rocks is a steep downhill slope.  We are going to place large rocks on that hill and plant some Ajuga that my friend Steph is going to give us. Other than building the swingset and tower, that will likely be all we do in the back this year. We have tons of work yet to do in the front and on the side of the house.

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