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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday

I had a great shopping trip this week .. FINALLY!!  I called this an Aldi-only trip, but I did have to go to Walmart for a few things, mostly household items.

(2) pop tarts  3.38
Taco seasoning  .33
Bananas  1.40
Strawberries  1.29
93% lean ground beef  3.73 (for knock-off low-point frozen burritos .. stay tuned)
(2) refried beans  1.30
Flour  1.46
Calcium with Vitamin D  2.99 (a steal!)
Deli chicken breast  2.49 (my husband had it last night and said it is GOOD!)
Granny smith apples  1.99
Red grapes  1.78
Tortilla chips  .99
Cheese puffs  .99
(2) cream of chicken  .98
3 c. shredded cheddar  2.49
Brownie mix  1.29
Mustard  .69
Linguine  .95
Artificial sweetner  1.19
Roma tomatoes  1.29
Eggs  1.15
Toilet paper  .89
Sugar wafer cookies  1.15
Total  $ 39.27


Tortilla shells  2.23
Parkay spray  1.56
(2) tuna  1.56
Frozen spinach  1.34
Bran cereal  1.72
Total groceries  $ 9.13

Paper towels  1.14
Baby wipes  1.44
Facial cleansing wipes  5.97
Freezer bags  1.32
Sandwich bags  1.32
Foil  1.12
Total household  $ 13.36

(3) gallons milk  11.07
Sliced cheese  189
Total  $  14.11

Total Groceries  $ 63.51
Total Household  $13.36

I felt really awesome this week!  This is the FIRST WEEK I have gotten under my goal THIS WHOLE YEAR!  Now, I have to give a disclaimer .. All of that over-spending I have been doing created quite a stock-pile so I didn't need near as much this week.  I really am not quite as hopeful for next week, but we'll see!

I have to say two things.  I love Aldi!  And I have found that most brands I buy there are just as good, if not better than name-brand.  If you have an Aldi near by, utilize it!  It is never crowded, ours is very organized, the cashiers and stockers are extremely friendly!  I enjoy going there! And, secondly, I am extremely proud of the produce and such I bought this week.  Usually my grocery purchases are full of pre-packaged stuff.  I am trying to do better in this area and felt that, overall, my purchases were so much healthier than my norm.

Although I just refuse to play the Walgreens game (too time consuming), I did take advantage of their deal this past month of transferring a prescription for a $25 gift card.  Although the prescription itself cost $6 more by filling it at Walgreens, I did get a $25 gift card that came in handy this week!  I was able to stock up on our gummy vitamins and purchase some vapor plug pads (for Kyndal and her stuffy nose) with no out of pocket.  I had also used it a couple of weeks ago for valentines stuff, too.  I totally intend to transfer the prescription back to Walmart this month for the $4 generic deal, and I'm not ashamed to say that I took advantage of that deal!

To see where I am using my purchases in my menu, go here.
To see other awesome stewards of their money, go to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


  1. I've often wondered about Aldi....I usually go to fareway (I think this is a midwest chain) which is only 15 minutes from me. If I chose Aldi, I'd have to travel another 20 minutes beyond that. We live about 40 miles from 3 cities, so we don't have a lot of options....I think I'll try Aldi's next time...looks like you found great deals!!!

  2. I am an Aldis fan too. I live in Stillwater and there is not one here, at least not yet. But when we go to Tulsa or OKC, I try to plan ahead so I can shop at and Aldis there.
    Ponca and Enid have Aldis so I am still hoping one opens closer to me too.

    We have liked everything we've bought there too.

  3. my aldi and save-a-lot are yucky! The produce and meat are bad, etc. I think it's great you have one you like!



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