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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Summary

This was a great weekend!

On Friday night, I got away and went scrapbooking.  I was kind of tired and not too motivated to go.  But, once I got there I had a great time and even completed 17 pages!!  woot woot!!! Dawson and Kyndal each had friends spend the night.  Rick and the little guys just hung out, I guess.  Star Wars was on, so I'm sure they watched that.  I made them a big batch of brownies before I left. When I got home there was one left.

On Saturday I had planned to take Eli and Brynne to Lowe's to do a Build and Grow clinic because Eli loves Lowe's now that he had his birthday party there.  So, I got up (when I could have slept in) and got ready.  When Eli got up I said, "Hey, let's go to Lowe's a build a race car!" He said, "I don't want to go .. I want to stay home with daddy."  I was a teeny bit happy, thinking I could just laze around all day.  But when Brynne got up she wanted to know when we were going to Lowe's.  SO, Brynne, Kyndal, Dawson and I went to Lowe's while Eli stayed home. Sigh.

The rest of the afternoon was lazy.  We watched t.v., I planned meals, the kids played, etc. Then Brynne and I planted our vegetable seeds for our container garden.  After I was all done, I got to thinking that I have two full seed trays left .. I could just plant flower seeds this year instead of spending $150 on full plants.  I'm going to go get my seeds next weekend and get them planted.  It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend .. I can't wait!  I'm one who loves winter, but I am now ready for some spring weather and color!!

Today was church.  And we have done nothing the rest of the day.  I did put together my package for Lynn, my bloggy swap partner, for our Favorite Things Swap this week.  I can't wait to get my package and see what neat things Lynn included!!

This week will be fairly typical, except that Rick will be on a business trip Monday and Tuesday. He is not feeling well today, so I'm praying that he doesn't end up really sick.  This tends to happen when he works long hours and then heads out on a trip.

Dawson has Scouts tomorrow night.  Kyndal gets her bottom braces put on Tuesday, as well as one of her upper teeth gums lasered and a bracket attached to it.  I am imagining she will not be feeling too well after that.

Next weekend it's just going to be really nice and I'm planning to take the kids to a free event at Gilcrease Museum called Art Blast that will allow them to do some impressionist art.  Dawson and Brynne love to draw, so it should be really fun.

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