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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday ~ A Bummer, A Blog and A Bow

I have always said in the past that our "sick season" was from October to March.  And there have been some years where someone has been sick at all times during those months.  I know several families who have experienced that this year.  I have said many times in recent posts how thankful I am that we have stayed healthy, and especially how thankful I am that Eli has been healthy!

It's March 5th ~ almost there .... But not quite!  We were on our way out the door, literally, last night to go to church and Brynne said, "I'm cold!"  I picked her up and, yep, she was running a fever.  Wham!  It came out of nowhere!  No other symptoms, just a fever.  I gave her some Ibuprofen and within an hour she was up playing.  But she had that "look" in her eyes.  She went to bed on time, slept all night.  When I went in to check on her at 6 a.m. she was burning up.  I gave her some more Ibuprofen and she's still sleeping.  *Sigh* ... It would happen as the weather turns beautiful!!  I have started my routine of spraying every place she goes with Lysol in hopes she's the only one who comes down with something. She never, ever gets sick.  So, I hope it is short-lived!

So I'm bummed because I don't get to go to Bible study today, and I always really enjoy going. I enjoy spending some time, face-to-face, with Loren and Deidra, and conversing with the women in my small group, and of course listening to Beth Moore preach.  Wow!  This study on Esther has had some amazing videos!  I was even planning to go to coffee with a long-time friend, whom I have neglected over the last several years, and I was so looking forward to that!  I guess I'll just spend some time cleaning out my flower pots today, getting them ready to replant in a few weeks.

Moving on, I found a new blog that I want to share.  It's called Living Locurto.  She has lots of fun ideas and free downloads.  But the best part is that she does a weekly menu, with full recipes and pictures, and a downloadable grocery list.  She even has "picky kid" suggestions, ways you can change up the recipe/meal for your picky kids.  Some of the recipes may be more than I want to spend, but the ideas are fantastic!

And, lastly, Jen at Frugal Fabulous is having a bow giveaway if you would like to check it out! It's for an adorable St. Patrick's Day bow, which I totally want.  Jen has a great blog that I enjoy reading.  In fact, she has become one of my really good friends out there in the bloggy world.

Well, have a good day!  You'll find me cooped up in the house for the next few days.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear she is sick! It's never fun to have a little one sick! I put a comment on the "bow contest page". Obviously I don't need it but saw that you really wanted it so, I thougth...why not?? If I win (Miss Unlucky)I can bless you with it! Hope your day goes better!! You can always join us on Monday night if you need to catch up on a lesson.

  2. So glad I met you in bloggyland, I enjoy emailing!

    Sorry Brynne is sick, hope she get's well soon. I start a new bible study group next week and I am sure of the kids will be sick, that's how things seem to work.


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