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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

We have had a crazy weekend, full of activity!  Friday night Dawson went to a birthday party while the rest of us went to a birthday party for one of Kyndal's friends.  Everybody had a late night and was exhausted!  I got up yesterday and went to Mug and a Muffin at church to hear the 918CouponQueen.  She was awesome!  Then some friends and I started having a discussion about another friend going through a crisis.  That was how I spent the rest of my day.  Although I had so much to do to get ready to leave today, I just felt I was needed elsewhere so I neglected my home and spent the day trying to let a dear friend know that she is loved.

Rick worked on our backyard all day getting it ready for the swingset he has designed.  It looks so good and I am so proud of him!  Dawson went to play paintball all day and Kyndal and the little guys hung out at home.  Eli stayed in his pjs all day (his favorite thing) and Brynne spent her whole day outside helping Rick.  She LOVES to do that!  Reminds me of when I was a little girl, wanting to do "guy" things with my dad.  Kyndal had the thrill of watching the Missouri Tigers win the Big 12 Championship ... Go Mizzou!!

Rick and I went out last night to meet up with about 30 of his high school friends down on Brookside.  We had a really great time!  It was fun to hang out with them and hear old stories, and new.

This morning I am up E.A.R.L.Y. because we need to try to leave town by about 10:00 to head to Missouri to my parents'.  I haven't packed at all, my house is so dirty (which I hate leaving it like this) and I'm currently finishing up laundry.  I hate to leave in such a rush, but it's necessary.

So, I'm off to chug some coffee and jump in the shower.  We will be at mom and dad's all week, but I will have my computer (duh!)  I'll be posting, but possible not as often.  I don't know.

If you are on Spring Break, I hope you have a great one!  Enjoy your families!  I'm hoping to just sit down and read a book.

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  1. Nicole, It was really great meeting you at the Brook! I am glad that his "highschool" friends haven't scared you off by now! My husband enjoyed watching Mizzou win as well, he grew up in KC, which he reminds me "on the missouri side." BTW, I was the one in the red shirt ;) Hope to see you again!
    Stacy Storey


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