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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photography Challenges

I didn't get the photo hunt done this week because I forgot to look to see what it was.  The category, not that I looked, was "four", and that would really be a fun one to do.  Maybe I'll find something in the next few days.

The iheartfaces challenge this week was "green".  So, I did some slight modification to this picture I took of the kids on St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't enter it into the contest, because I didn't think it was contest-worthy.  But, here it is, none-the-less.

And, for weeks 1 and 2 of the 52 Week Challenge (of getting a photo of me every week for 52 weeks), here is a photo Kyndal took of me when we went to Art Blast at Gilcrease last weekend

and one of me and my grandma on Tuesday, her 86th birthday.

Hopefully I'll pay more attention to it next week and get some good ones.


  1. Nicole! I think that picture was very worthy of entering into the contest. Girl you sale yourself way way way short!

    And I know you're little... but you look super freakin' skinny in that picture with your grandmother!

  2. Great photos! I love the one of the kids and what you did to it! You look super too!


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