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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today  ~  March 10, 2009

Outside my window... daylight is beginning to peek up from behind the canyon.

I am thinking... about how I want to make diligent use of my time today.

I am thankful for... the unity in our family ~ helping each other out, working together.

From the learning rooms... we are making progress on letter sounds!  He knows A,B,C,E,J,K,P,S,X,Y,Z.  We need to continue working on these, and start learning his telephone number.  Kyndal and Dawson need to work hard for the next few days to get their grades good and secure before Spring Break that starts Monday.  Brynne is learning about dinosaurs at preschool this week.

From the kitchen... I plan to make some homemade bread (for the first time) and homemade snacks this week.  I'm trying an "experiment" with making homemade snacks throughout the week instead of boxed, easy ones.

I am wearing... my black workout sweats and tennis shoes and my Baltimare, Maryland t-shirt.

I am creating... my container gardens.  (I planted basil, oregano, rosemary and flower seeds this week) and making homemade goodies.  My husband is creating a new play structure for our backyard.  I can't wait to sit in my porch swing to watch the kids play!

I am going... to Claremore today to deliver Just Between Friends promotional materials to my volunteers and then going to work hard to get all of my stuff done so I can sit and watch t.v. with my family tonight.

I am reading... a Proverbs chapter each day, the book of Esther in correspondence to my Bible study, and "The Accidental Woman" by Barbara Delinsky (thanks to Lynn!!).

I am hoping... my seeds spring up in my container garden.

I am hearing... the clock ticking and birds chirping outside.

Around the house... it is still dark (thanks to Daylight Savings) and lots of busy-work!

One of my favorite things... is watching my family "busying" around together, working toward  accomplishing the same goal.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Today I have a list of housework I need to get done, as well as some projects for JBF and a trip to Claremore to deliver the promo materials.  Tomorrow I have the twins and then we'll try to make it to church.  On Thursday I have Bible study in the morning and then officially enroll Kyndal in High School in the evening!!!  On Friday night it will just be Rick, the little ones and me as Kyndal and Dawson each have birthday parties to go to.  On Saturday I'm going to our ladies' ministry "Mug and a Muffin" to hear The 918 Coupon Queen teach us more about couponing (and I really hope to learn something I can use!), then Rick and I are meeting up with some of his high school buddies for dinner.  On Sunday the kids and I head out for our yearly week-long trip to my parents' for Spring Break.  We are really looking forward to that because we haven't been there since Christmas!  

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Green beans!  I have 3 green bean sprouts (even had to transplant one), about 5 tomato sprouts and some basil!  Honestly, I never expected to see even one!!! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your daybook. We are starting to work on our garden and containers too!
    Hope you have a wonderful week! Our Eli is my picture this week in our Daybook, they are the same age I think:)
    www. quilt -n- mama.

  2. I've love to hear what snacks you made and how that went!


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