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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Photography Challenges

The Photo Hunt theme this week (or maybe it's really last week because she already has a new one up so I'm behind) is "Yellow".  Here is a photo Dawson actually took of Brynne at Gilcrease Museum and I obviously enhanced it.

And here is an extra entry for "Yellow" from today's snow storm !!  My poor pansies !!

The IHeartFaces theme this week is "No Flash".  I was waiting to take some snow pictures today because we were supposed to get "several inches", so I didn't enter it in the contest (you have to have it entered by Tuesday).  But here's what I came up with ...

And in Week 3 of the 52 Week Challenge, I have a photo of me and my junior high best friend Jami.  Over Spring Break she stopped by my parents' for a visit.  Since she moved away in the 9th grade, I had only seen her briefly one other time. We recently reconnected on Facebook and it was so great to visit with her and her girls!!!

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