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Monday, March 2, 2009


After re-reading my post from yesterday I determined that I should be concerned about something.  I went on and on about so many things.  And then there was this one simple three-word sentence.  "Today was church."  And that's all I said about it.

Something tells me I should be sincerely concerned that I had nothing more to say about it. And I am pondering this fact this morning. In fact, it is weighing fairly heavily on me.

I could have gone back and added to it .. but I honestly had no more to say.  I enjoy worshipping the Lord on Sunday mornings with my fellow believers.  There is an energy attached to that. And I know that it pleases God and I want Him to feel loved and honored by His people.  I really, really, really love our Sunday school class we have been attending with the Hunts.  They are awesome leaders and Sister Cheryl is someone I admire immensely and hope to get to know better.  I love seeing my children literally run to Sunday school with excitement and to hear about their morning when we pick them up!  I love seeing 1/4 of the church service filled with youth!  And I love to see my church friends, when we often get to busy too see each other anywhere else.

But, something is missing.  Something is amiss. Something is not right.  And I desperately want to know what that something is and, more importantly, if that something starts with me.


  1. Hi Nicole!

    Everyone needs's hard when you wear alot of hats..4 kids is alot and being a wife can be demanding at times..

    You have a talent to communicate with others and by blogging, it should help you to meet people and connect..

    You have alot to offer so get out there and meet friends...


    P.S. I am also obsessed with coffee..maybe we'll win the Keurig coffee maker on MOMLOGIC! That would be awesome, huh? Also, i noticed you workout..I also workout about 4 times a week with my cathe dvds..I love Cathe Friedrich:
    She's the BEST trainer out there in my opinion!

  2. What do you mean? Something is missing at church for you, or something is missing in your life? You seem to have it all and you also seem so happy! I'll be praying that you find your missing link!

  3. Nicole, don't be alarmed, but I am blog-stalking you. Hope that isn't weird..

    Anyway, I think sometimes we can go through stages in our Christian walks when we don't seem to be growing or learning a lot. When every worship song doesn't make you close your eyes and lift your hands, when the sermon doesn't seem terribly applicable, when you have to stretch to make your quiet times and Scripture reading matter... but these are the times you have to draw even more near to God and pursue Him even more intensely. These are the times you ask him to reveal Himself to you, to fill you with a hunger for Him. These are the times, the times in the desert, that make those emotion-filled, Spirit-led experiences mean all the more.

    I'm not sure if that is even remotely what you are feeling, but be encouraged that the Lord is working in you and using you to touch the lives of so many others.



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