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Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Spring Break Version

We are on Spring Break and in Missouri at my parents' for the week.  So, the menu is not my problem ... YEA!!  We had grilled burgers last night and are having italian roast and spaghetti tonight.  Who knows about the rest of the week.

I did go to the store and leave Rick a "menu" of sorts, since he stayed home this week.  His menu consists of his favorite easy things:  avocado toast, frozen burritos (store brand), ramen noodles, leftover bbq beef sandwiches, Chunky soup and other leftovers from last week.  I did actually write these things on the calendar, just so he doesn't forget what he has and eat nothing but frozen burritos all week.  But, it's really up to him.

I bought him a couple of surprises, too, like Spicy V-8, his favorite cereal and his favorite honey ham lunch meat.  He's living high on the hog this week!!

It reminds me of the week my dad would go hunting when I was growing up.  We'd eat all of our favorites, like tuna casserole and spaghetti .. things my dad didn't like.

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