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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She Doesn't Miss a Thing

Brynne is a typical 3 1/2 year old little girl.  She is really into playing "school", whether it be regular school or Sunday school, with her stuffed animals.  She lays them on her rest mat, loads her lunch box and backpack up in her cardboard car we made for a preschool project, and then sits down at the coffee table with her books and pencils and pens.

Last night Kyndal noticed that she was writing in one of her hardbound Elmo books.  I told her she couldn't write in her books.  She was not happy with that.  I tried to get her a spiral notebook or a Tweety Bird folder filled with paper.  No, she wanted to write in a book.  I even found her ONE book, that's kind of old and trashed, that she could write in.  No, she didn't want that one.  I asked her, "Does Miss Jess or Miss Lisa write in books at school?"  Through tears she said, "No." After a little stomping fit, and a little time out sitting on her bed, she found her travel art kit that has a pad of paper, markers and colored pencils, and some coloring and activity books in it. 

This whole time I was sitting in the chair watching The Biggest Loser and working on my Bible study lesson during commercials.  She walked up to me and said, "Why are you writing in that book?"  Uh oh .. busted!  My Bible study has a workbook whereby you read the text and write your answers in it.  Hmm .. how do you explain that to a three-year old?? It's okay if mommy writes in this book, but you just can't write in your book ...

She seemed resolved at my answer, or just walked away thinking her mommy was a hypocrite, but she found a tracing book stuck in the back of her travel art kit (an Elmo tracing book) and was so excited!!  So she sat down to trace letters in her "book." 

And all was well.

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  1. Wow Nicole! How awesome is that... she's taking note at mommy doing her bible study!

    I love how Beth talks about her friend's daughter who has bible study with her My Little Ponies.. how precious!

    Sigh - no little ponies here, but maybe Grant can round up Woody and Bullseye and have a bible study. . . LOL


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