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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lest You Be Free

An aha moment or two ... then satan really gets to work!  He won't let it rest .. he won't let it go that easily!  He works on your mind, continuously, trying to convince you that things won't be okay, putting ideas in your head that you know are not truth.  Yet, they are there.

This is where prayer warriors come into play.  Fighting off the negativism of the enemy is an impossible task in my own strength.  I can give it to God, only to take it back within the hour. God has spoken to me, given me the answers I need.  I just need help in believing it, in truly believing it .. in truly believing Him!  I need to learn to trust more and to not grow weary.

I would appreciate your prayers in this.  Please join with me in prayer that I will take all thoughts captive, weigh them against the Truth I know from the Lord, and leave them at the door when they don't measure up.  Join with me in prayer of a protection over my household from the attacks of the enemy.  He needs to give up, but he won't, so I need to stay strong.


  1. Nicole -

    I'm praying for you and your family and will continue to do so throughout the day as you come to my mind.

    I wanted to tell you a year ago I was working in the nursery while all the other ladies were taking Tuesday morning bible study. And one particular morning an older lady was telling me how they had prayed and prayed for something and how God had answered and she was telling me how powerful prayer is. I thought she was insane. I figured God just answered stuff if and when He wanted to and nothing we could do could change it. My opinion has since changed - and that older lady is now part of my Tuesday morning prayer group - who has been praying constantly for my dad... talk about 'ah ha moment'!

    Again, I'm thinking and praying for you!


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