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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final Thoughts on Thursday

I hope that I do not take for granted the blessings that I have in my life.

God loves me and has such a specific plan for me ~ a plan that He is working out in me.  And it's exciting!  I can see it and feel it in just about everything I am doing right now.

I feel like Rick and my marriage is stronger right now than it has been in a long time.  That is an answer to prayer.  Rick is an amazing husband.  I have such a strong desire to be an equally amazing wife to him.  It's something that I really try to work at, but know that I need to put more priority on. Making our marriage a priority is difficult in our busy lives, in my life focusing on the kids.  But I do try, and I hope that he knows how much I really do love him and honor him and appreciate him.  And may I never take his love and devotion to me for granted.

The kids .. WOW .. how blessed I am!  

Enrolling Kyndal into the mid-high tonight was such a surreal experience.  She ran ahead of me as we were leaving, and I looked at her and just couldn't believe that I have a daughter as lovely as her.  She is growing and maturing and trying to find her way.  And, so far, she's doing it with such grace and beauty.  I pray for her, that she keeps a strong head on her shoulders and has the confidence to make good decisions and stand up for the things she knows are right.  I pray that she remembers that she is a strong influence to everyone around her, and that she takes that seriously.

I can see Dawson's future laid out before him.  But, I have to be careful to let him forge his own path.  He has an obvious passion for animals and art and he is playful and loyal.  I pray that he takes his fun-loving personality and uses it in a positive way.  I pray that he develops courage to explore his relationship with God and share it in these areas where he has passion.

My little Eli and Brynne are just so joyful.  It is so fun to see them learn and grow.  They are such complete opposites in their personalities and how they approach life.  It's such a challenge, but so fun at the same time.  It's funny that they don't often like to do the same things, but they always seem to be together.  They light up my life each and every day and I hope and pray that I soak in each moment and realize the joy they bring to me.

The friendships I have are of an extreme dynamic in my life right now.  I am so grateful to God for who He has brought forth. I can see where my friends fit into these changes God is orchestrating in my life.  The changes I am experiencing may seem insignificant to so many, but they are huge to me! I am praying that I do not lose sight of the importance of my friends.  I am amazed right now.

Lastly, I pray that I take seriously and seek out the opportunities God is laying before me and the passions that He is exposing to me.  These new passions have taken me by surprise, but they are providence.  May I not lose sight of that.

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