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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today  ~  March 24, 2009

Outside my window... it's sunny now, but was storming and downpouring just a short time ago.  We came upon flooded roads on the way to take Brynne to school and had to "find our way around", as Eli put it.

I am thinking... about how much I need to do today, that I almost didn't do my Daybook because of it.  I knew my "fans" would be disappointed, though.  Ha!

I am thankful for... a God who desires to bless our obedience!

From the learning rooms... we're back at it .. letter sounds, reading, homework and all.

From the kitchen... I've been e-mailing JBF volunteers, organizing JBF promotional materials for pickup, putting cash in my budget envelopes, paying activity fees, working on my activity budget for the next several months (summer camps coming up!)

I am wearing... a green striped shirt, my "fat" jeans, my favorite airline socks Rick got on his trip to Taiwan and Roxy tennis shoes.

I am creating... landscaping ideas.

I am going... to work my tail off so I can sit on it by 7:00 tonight and watch my shows!

I am reading... "An Accidental Woman" by Barbara Delinsky, (want to finish it by this weekend), Proverbs and my new magazines.

I am hoping... Rick can get sod down before all of his dirt washes away from the rain.  He has worked so hard and our yard looks so great!!  

I am hearing... Eli playing his car game on Xbox.  

Around the house... I have piles of clothes to be marked for JBF.

One of my favorite things... is coffee (we've established that).  I am drinking, right now, a sample I received from Starbucks of instant coffee.  And, you know what?  It's good!  I'm going to definitely get some for our trip to Yellowstone.  Hot water and a shot of instant coffee and I'll be good to go!

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Get back into my workout and Weight Watchers routine.  Let's just say I "slipped" last week while on break.  I really have nothing planned this week except to finish getting my JBF stuff ready.  Believe me, though, that will keep me busy!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Big boy needed a drink so bad that he risked falling into a bathtub of water to lick Brynne's cup of koolaid.

For true simple women, visit The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. I love rainy days and resting in the house.

    We got our Starbucks samples in the mail too. Hubby loves them! I drink too many diet cokes instead of coffee.

  2. Oh my gosh I love that cat! How precious - most cats wouldn't dare jump up on the side of the tub like that.

  3. When Clifford (the cat) was much younger, I was taking a bath and he got up on the ledge. I was immersed in bubbles. I said, "pssstt" !! He jumped straight up in the air and landed in the tub with me.. scratched the crud out of my knee! But I laughed so hard I couldn't stand it! He must have forgotten about that incident, or figured Brynne wouldn't be as mean as me!!!


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