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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden Update

Gardening has been a highlight of my summer so far, both vegetable and flower.

Delayed Gratification: I bought these flower boxes at the end of last summer for $3.00 each. Then Memorial weekend this year Aldi had pre-made patriotic planters that were right about the size of my flower boxes, for $5.99 each. So for less than $20, and a lot of patience, I got these lovely boxes of flowers outside my kitchen and laundry room windows. They've grown and flowered even more now, so are full and pretty!

Last summer was my rookie vegetable gardening summer and I just planted some things in pots on our back patio. I had limited success, a few tomatoes really, but my herbs did pretty good.

This year I planted my herbs in the pots on our back patio: basil, oregano, chives, rosemary, savory, cilantro and parsley. I love the way they smell, and I have had some excellent fresh spices for cooking.

Not a beautiful display. But, stay tuned because this will be improving soon!

We had made some flower boxes along the entire side and back of our garage, intending to plant bushes. I noticed, however, that the one along the back of the house got excellent sun. {We have trees all around our house, so the places to actually plant a garden are limited.} That became my vegetable garden this year.

From seeds I planted green beans, peas and squash. I planted two tomato plants, one cherry tomato plant, and three green pepper plants and two blueberry bushes. I have so enjoyed nurturing my garden! And, I have actually had a steady flow of tomatoes and green beans. I don't think my peppers get enough heat, so I haven't gotten any good sized green peppers. And my squash is just now starting to harvest.

What will I do different next year?

Rick is going to build me another box, there next to the fence. He is also going to build me a gardening table and herb box.

I want to triple the green bean seeds I plant. I want to add zucchini to my squash planting. I don't think I'll plant peas because they never produce enough at the same time to actually cook with. I will evaluate where my green peppers get the most sun and may move them next year, and will take some measures to get them some heat. I planted the perfect amount of tomatoes, so I won't change that.

I want to add lettuce and spinach and onions next year, and possibly try to grow a couple of corn stalks to use for fall decorating.

This past weekend I added a couple of flower pots on stakes to put out by our bird bath. And Rick and I are going to dig out a couple of flower gardens in our back yard to plant bushes and other perennials.

It's been a fun summer. And I love beautifying our home.


  1. Looks great we had so much rain my garden drowned :( then what survived the moles ate :( so i guess the farmers market will get to know me and the girls this year.

    LOVE your planters!! don't you just love aldi's!! :)

  2. Love your planters, yea for Aldis. I need to start shopping there again. This has been our worst gardening this year. The rain in the beginning drowned everything. We have some corn coming up and I am fixing to plant a bunch of pumpkins to decorate with!

  3. Everything looks great! I am terrible at gardening but I attempted a rose bush and some flowers this year. So far so good! You inspire me to try harder next year!


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