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Friday, July 16, 2010

"A Great Day" Results ~ Friday

How did I do on my list today?

1. Run ~ Slept in.

2. Bible Before Blog ~ Read 1 Peter 3.

3. Blog ~ Yes.

4. Daily Household Chore ~ Swept the floors. Didn't get to the vacuuming. Got all laundry done and folded, but not put away.

5. Something meaningful with kids ~ Just hung out at home all day. Can't say I did anything meaningful with any of them.

6. Healthy meal ~ We were invited to a going away party for one of our neighbors, so we had chicken tacos and other mexican food.

7. Kids down by 9:00 p.m. ~ We didn't get home until about 9:45, but they were in bed by 9:46.

8. Time with Rick ~ He and I ended the evening in our office, each of us on our computers. Then we went to bed because he has an early tee time scheduled.

9. Healthy eating ~ Leftover spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. Lots of mexican food, and probably not real healthy !!

10. Time for myself ~ Went and got some groceries alone and then got my nails done.

Observations: Soooooo sluggish all day! Got my "to-do" list done, but just crawled through it. Didn't feel much purpose to my day and really wanted to just take a nap. Had a great time this evening with Rick and the kids and friends.

** Tomorrow I'll have my general observations from the week's experiment.

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