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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"A Great Day" Results ~ Tuesday

How did I do on my list today?

1. Run ~ I did my street-to-street interval running this morning for 1.8 miles (walk to a street sign, run the next two, walk one, etc.)

2. Bible Before Blog ~ Read 1 Peter 2 and meditated and journaled on it.

3. Blog ~ Yes.

4. Daily Household Chore ~ Bathrooms cleaned.

5. Something meaningful with kids ~ Helped Eli and Brynne make a mini Wipeout Zone for their toys.

6. Healthy meal ~ Lasagna toasts (sliced french bread stacked with spaghetti sauce, lowfat cottage cheese, shredded mozz cheese, diced cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden, broiled and topped with shredded parmesan cheese).

7. Kids down by 9:00 p.m. ~ Didn't get the kids down until about 9:30 because Kyndal's boyfriend was over for the evening and he didn't leave until then.

8. Time with Rick ~ Yes. Once we got the kids to bed we retired for the evening together.

9. Healthy eating ~ Only coffee for breakfast, 93/7 lean turkey burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin with tomato from my garden and lettuce and 2% pepperjack cheese (YUM!) and a banana for lunch, 90 calorie granola bar and package cheese crackers for snacks, lasagna toasts for dinner.

10. Time for myself ~ I just had to work in some time while waiting for Kyndal at her MRI. Alone time is alone time, huh? I read my book.

Observations: I felt incredibly energized today! But then when we were going to her MRI we hit major traffic problems and were 45 minutes late. They could only do half of her MRIs and we had to reschedule the other half. I was agitated because my "schedule" was off. That's a big problem with me. To do everything above, I have to schedule very closely. When kinks get thrown in, I get thrown off. How do I do all of the things on my list without going nuts when it doesn't work out??? That is the question.


  1. You're doing well! I have goals that I try to reach every day, but I feel the same way if my schedule gets thrown off!

  2. you did so great I LOVE this post! :) are you going to do more of them?? I hope so


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