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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"A Great Day" Results ~ Wednesday

How did I do on my list today?

1. Run ~ Walked a half mile, ran a mile, walked a half mile (had to stop briefly while a humongous dog tried to eat Crusoe ... scary moment!)

2. Bible Before Blog ~ Started to read 1 Peter 3 and stopped dead in my tracks at a verse. Meditated on it for some time and journaled about it, prayed about it.

3. Blog ~ Yes.

4. Daily Household Chore ~ Dusting complete.

5. Something meaningful with kids ~ Took Dawson to a museum to see an Ancient Egyptian exhibit and attend a program on mummies and went out to lunch. Watched a new Charlie Brown movie with Eli and Brynne. Watched a DVR'd show with Kyndal.

6. Healthy meal ~ Tonight is FFY (Fend for Yourself). I don't think there is any frozen, processed food that is healthy and that's what we eat on Wednesdays! :) Haven't cooked dinner on Wednesday nights in almost 10 years, don't intend to start now!!!

7. Kids down by 9:00 p.m. ~ Well, more like 9:15ish. We were watching So You Think You Can Dance and I got them all down after that.

8. Time with Rick ~ He played golf this evening and didn't come in the house until 9:30. We talked for a while about the day's events and some of his stresses about work and then he took a shower and we went to bed.

9. Healthy eating ~ Oatmeal for breakfast, 90 calorie granola bar for snack, Hideaway Pizza for lunch, bowl of bran cereal with some raisins for late snack.

10. Time for myself ~ After Kyndal got mad at me because I was short with her, and she stomped upstairs, everybody ended up upstairs and I put on my jammies at 6:00 and climbed into bed to rest with two of the puppies. But that only lasted about 10 minutes because Kyndal came back downstairs and insisted I come in and watch t.v. with her. That was all the me time I had today.

Observations: I was grouchy this evening. But, it could also be because of a particular time of the month that is upon me. I also didn't do my housework this morning because we were leaving for our museum trip, so I was trying to get it done around kids and dogs in the evening and I was annoyed. I'm finding that if it's on my list I feel like I have to get it done and if I don't, I'm aggravated. Think on that one, too. I'm started to form some general opinions about my feelings versus everyone else's in this little experiment I am doing.

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