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Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Axe

An axe that we have suspected was going to fall, appears to be getting ready to fall. We are not sure to what extent it will fall and how it will affect us, but we are sure it will. Please just be praying for us for clarity, patience and an acceptance of God's Will, whatever that may be. We are trying to make decisions that will be best for our family, and want to make sure we are making the right decisions and not trying to make things happen that shouldn't happen.


  1. I hope the ax doesn't hurt to much when it falls. I hope you and your family come out ok and better and stronger.

    please know your in my thoughts and prayers, and if you ever need to talk or vent i'm here.

  2. You know I'm here to lend an ear! Goodness knows I need to vent every now and then! I'll be saying prayers for y'all and sending you lots of hugs from Texas!

  3. Sending prayers! I hope everything is okay!


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