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Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ 'Mom's Gone and the Boys are Alone' Edition

In other words, it's a week of mostly frozen foods and pizza.

Tomorrow morning the girls and I are heading to Missouri to see my parents for a few days and attend the much-anticipated Justin Bieber concert with my sister and niece.

That means the boys will be home alone to fend for themselves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since none of them cook anything beyond Ramen, I've included some easy peasy favorites for them on those nights.

Here's what's cooking (or microwaving, whatever the case may be) ...

Monday ~ Burgers and fries

Tuesday ~ Order pizza

Wednesday ~ Pizza rolls, hot pockets, frozen burritos and the like

Thursday ~ Corn dogs and chips

Friday ~ (Mom's home!) Homemade calzones

Saturday ~ Chicken fettucine and breadsticks

Sunday ~ Chicken tacos

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  1. sounds great have a blast at the concert! if you up my way and some time give me a call


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